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Bad Yogi City Guide: Mexico City, Mexico

Vibrant and multicultural, the always friendly Mexico City is an experience you’ll definitely enjoy!

Mexico City is one of the largest and most populated cities in the world. There is always something to do, as Mexico City has lots of cultural, gastronomical (and of course) yoga events all year round.

If your visiting soon, here’s a Bad Yogi survival guide that may help you during your stay. Have fun!

But first, yoga

The studios that are listed here are the ones I actually know and can personally recommend. I’ve practiced at all listed and fully recommend them. Something to consider is that all the classes are in Spanish, but If you don’t speak the language, make sure to mention it at the front desk so the teacher knows, and you can enjoy the class as much as the everybody else in the room. In the mood for a thrill? Take the class in Spanish and enjoy!

All studios offer regular classes in addition to workshops and specialty classes, so visit the website to ensure you’re aware of the schedule before you visit.

Mukta Yoga 

You can find Mukta Yoga In the heart of La Condesa, a beautiful and eclectic neighborhood. This studio offers a variety of classes, mainly Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga, you will definitely find something according to your schedule and preferences.

Yoga Espacio

This studio has three branches in different parts of the city, and is where I started my practice (located in the Coyoacán neighborhood). Yoga Espacio a beautiful experience for all levels of practice, as they have a more Iyengar approach, which I assure you will rock everything you thought you knew about the basic poses.

Green Yoga

Green Yoga has also six branches in the city, so I’m sure you’ll find one near your location. I took a Yin Yoga Teacher Training on the one located in La Condesa neighborhood. They have a great schedules and class styles, so do check them out!

…and after yoga?

By the time you finished savasana, you’ll need something to fuel you for the rest of the day. 

Quick and simple

If you’re looking for a casual and quick bite, check out Ojo de agua and Peltre. These are very friendly options where you can try some fresh juices or some baked goods. 


Who doesn’t love pizza? Pixza is a great project, because is a very mexican approach to pizza, and also a way to help others. All the pizzas are made with blue corn, something very traditional in mexican cuisine, and the flavors are based on some of our favorites dishes. You’ll find a variety of both vegetarian and meat options. Plus, for every five slices sold, they give one slice to a people in need. 

Traditional cuisine

If you want to experience the cuisine of the Mexican Caribbean, you can stop by La Fonda 99.99, where you’ll find some delicious options. Prefer the Pacific region? Don’t miss the seafood at Mi Gusto Es.

For a more gourmet experience on the Mexican cuisine, don’t miss the opportunity to eat at Azul Condesa. Ask the servers for advice if you’re not sure what to order, but get ready to fall in love with anything that you do.

Something sweet

Finally, if you’re looking for something sweet, make sure to stop by El Moro Churrería, they have the traditional approach for some good old fashioned churros, and by all means, do order a cup of hot Mexican chocolate, the perfect match.

If you’re still thinking about chocolate, don’t miss the opportunity to stop by MUCHO, a museum of Mexican chocolate, so you can learn everything about how the chocolate used to be a beverage for gods, and stop by their shop at the end of the tour, and take some of the deliciousness home with you.


By being one of the biggest cities in the world, I think a great way to visit the highlights on the city is by Turibus. This is a service with different tours by areas and themes. Visit their web page for more information. I recommend the hop-on hop-off tickets, so you can stay longer at a museum or stop of your choice, according with what you want to see. Simply catch the next bus and continue with the tour.

Have you visited Mexico City? What was your favorite part if your trip? If you have any questions about it, leave us a comment below!

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    September 5, 2018 at 7:06 pm

    If you’re looking for wine and cheese check out Si Mon in Roma. All Mexican sourced products, but most cheese is European style. It also has mezcal and cured meats. There’s a shop or you can open a bottle there for a corking fee. Next door is also a great courtyard restaurant – Broka, which has more Mexican-style food.

    For yoga practice where they speak spanglish check out Power Flow Yoga Condesa – – the classes are for all levels and offer a good workout. It’s run by donation (around $3.50 minimum) making it much cheaper than alternative options.

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