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Teachers' Corner

Teach YOUR yoga

I´m here to tell you one simple truth. There is no one in this world that will teach yoga the way you do. No one. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you find your voice. That you find your intuition. That you find your truth.   If you have been called to teach yoga, do it your way.  ...

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Learning to Appreciate Slow Mornings

Some mornings feel extra crappy. I hate my alarm when it wakes me up. I often want to throw it at the wall. I always want to snooze for about three more hours. And sometimes, these crappy mornings are more frequent then I´d like to admit. I´ve had a real struggle with them in the past. Drawing  ...

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The Value of Rest

It is strange, how some days feel so empty. So devoid of all energy.   That is how I´m feeling right now. I´ve reached the point of busy where I don´t even know what to focus on anymore. It´s Sunday, so I should take the day off. I will.   When I stop, I find this emptiness. The void  ...

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