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A Practical Guide for Eco-Friendly Living: Home Edition

Living a sustainable lifestyle is getting really popular and for a good reason: our planet is in a bad shape, and every bit of effort from our side can be extremely helpful. Whether it’s embracing slow fashion, or avoid eating animal products, it’s important to do something, no matter how insignificant it is, that can help our planet become healthy again. Every effort counts, so for example, having an eco-friendly home can be a great place to start. Now, if you’re not experienced when it comes to home decor, here are some tips that will help you live in a greener household:

Try to stop using plastics, or at least, try to reduce your usage

Plastic products are everywhere we go, which is what makes them so convenient, after all. Yet, plastic waste is the main culprit why oceans are getting so polluted which further endangers all the living creatures there. Hence, using less plastic can greatly benefit the planet — and your household. For example, the reusable shopping bags are a great eco-friendly replacement for plastic bags. Additionally, opting for sustainable storage boxes, food containers and furniture will surely decrease the amount of plastic you use on a regular basis.

Get second-hand furniture or those that are recycled

wood furniture
Buying new furniture can surely be exciting, but opting for a recycled and second-hand sofa, dining table and a bed can be a great eco-friendly alternative to buying new stuff. If you choose to buy second-hand furniture, make sure they’re made of recycled wood and other materials. Keep in mind that these products are still new, the only difference is that they’re made of materials that would end up on landfills otherwise. Therefore, you’re helping reduce the amount of waste, which is always great. And if you prefer second-hand furniture, be sure to look at various auction sites and places that sell used furniture, because chances are you’ll find very beautiful and quality pieces that will fit into your home.

Be careful with how much energy you spend

kitchen energy
Using copious amounts of energy, whether it’s electricity, gas or water can have detrimental effects on our planet, which is why you should pay attention to the way you use your heater, boiler and other appliances. Being careful of the amount of energy you use can be tricky, especially if your home relies on old installations. But, before you decide to renovate and replace, keep in mind that it could be illegal to do so like it is in some countries such as Australia. That’s why it’s better to consult a dependable electrician who’ll be able to fix everything and get you some eco-friendly alternatives that will surely use less energy. 

Insulate your home, to save on heating bills

home insulation
Insulating your home can save you a lot of money you’d otherwise spend on heating bills. Besides, when you spend less, it means less energy used to warm your home. Insulating your place also means you won’t need to reheat your home that often, which will automatically reduce the amount of energy you need. Also, make sure to insulate your roof, walls and don’t forget to double glaze your windows in order to save more energy. 

Consider making your own cleaning products

cleaning products
Even if you’re not the nifty type of person, making your own cleaning products can contribute a lot to your green household, mainly since mainstream cleaning products contain a lot of harsh chemicals that get washed down the drain, which in return can damage the pipes and require more energy to fix them or even replace them. But, if you decide to make your own cleaning products with vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice can be a great way to clean your home without using harmful chemicals. There are many recipes that you can experiment with, so make sure to try them all out until you find those that work for you. 

If you don’t like to waste food, then make a compost

food leftovers
Compost is an amazing way to use all the uneaten food in a constructive and eco-friendly way. Buying a compost bin can be a great way to start, but if you’re a crafty person, you can also make your own bin. Simply, use all the food waste and other kitchen scraps and put them into the compost bin, and just leave them be. They will slowly turn into the compost that can be used in the garden. 

Having an eco-friendly home will surely help you live a more sustainable life and do your part when it comes to saving the planet. Of course, keep in mind that you’re not required to do every single thing from this list, but even some small changes can have a huge impact on your life, so feel free to experiment with some of them, until you feel fully comfortable to take other, more drastic steps.

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