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The Brand New Meditation Trend You Have to Try

We all know that meditation is important. Those who practice it regularly speak highly of all its benefits. Most of us try it at some point, but not a lot of us stick to it. For some, it’s just really hard to sit still for long, while others just feel like they don’t have the time. Well, a new trend might just help you to do it more regularly.

Meditation, as you’ve probably heard a hundred times, is very beneficial to your mental health, Studies studies have shown that meditation can help to reduce stress, increase your focus and clarity during the day, and also improve your sleep quality. What’s not to love?

Turn that beauty treatment into a true self-care session

If you love getting your nails done or going for a massage, you’ve got time to meditate. No, really. Think about it – the only time we ever become still is when we go to our beauty treatment appointment. For some, it’s the only time they get to chill out. Now, according to DoYouYoga, some salons have caught on to the meditation trend, and they are working to make it a part of the service you receive when you visit them.

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Meditating while getting your nails done is a growing trend.
Image: Jeenah Moon for The New York Times

Does that sound divine? Well, we can pretty much guarantee that it will be. You have to sit still, otherwise, that manicure or pedicure is going to be a mess. You can just as well meditate, right?

How does it work?

So, what can you expect when you go to a meditative manicure? A whole lot of peace, for starters. The salons that offer these will provide you with a headset and an iPod-like device that will play a guided meditation while you’re getting pampered. The only thing better than meditation is getting pampered while you’re meditating. Some salons are already taking it a step further, like Sunday’s in New York. They hired a meditation instructor to create meditations specifically for their customers. These all vary in length, so no matter what treatment you’re getting, there’s a meditation for that. Cool, right?

Where did they get the idea?

Sunday’s owner, Amy Ling Lin, told the New York Times that she realized a nail salon is the perfect place to provide customers with an added meditation. “It dawned on me that I could give [customers] a chance to not only look good but also feel serene through meditation. If you move too much, your nails will get messed up so you’re forced to be still.”

Meditate - Bad Yogi

A meditative manicure is the perfect time to pamper yourself.
Image: Jeenah Moon for The New York Times

Meditative manicures are still a relatively new trend, which means that only a few salons across the US offer the service. We’re pretty sure that’s not going to be the case for long. This is a brilliant idea, and it could introduce many people to the practice of meditation. Customer’s who’ve tried it have loved it, which means that word will surely spread and the service will probably be available everywhere pretty soon.

Find what works for you

The key to making meditation a habit is finding a method that works for you. We’re all different, so all of us will enjoy different methods of meditation. The meditative manicure might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and if it isn’t yours either, don’t fret – there’s a method out there that will work for you. Go ahead and explore some of the available options – we promise you’ll find something you like.

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