Ah, crow pose. Bakasana. The Almighty Arm Balance. For many of us, bakasana is a gateway pose: that first challenge posture or arm balance we see fellow yogis conquering that gives us a hankering for the more acrobatic asanas.

The fundamental problem with crow pose, though? Um, it’s hard. Duh. But so often before we give it a whirl, we see others effortlessly taking flight and that leads us to wonder…will I ever be able to do that?

Stepping up to the plate—er, the mat—with crow pose is an emotional rollercoaster for many yogis. Like the seven stages of grief, the seven stages of crow pose (or any first arm balance) look eerily similar. My co-Bad Yogi Blog Manager Chelsea Tauzin and myself know these seven stages all too well…

Stage 1: Shock and disbelief

“Ummm, excuse me? What is that pose she’s doing there? Who does that? What’s going on here? Is this the 7 p.m. yoga class or did I accidentally wander into Cirque du Soleil?” 7 Stages Crow_1

Stage 2: Denial

“Welp, I’ll never be able to do that. Guess I’ll just hang out here in malasana forever.”

Stage 3: Anger

“Ugh, why do we even have these stupid poses? Like, whose great idea was this? Yoga is dumb. I should just get up and leave. In protest. Who needs yoga?”

7 Stages Crow_2Stage 4: Bargaining

“Sigh, okay. I’ll try it…but if I fall out even ONCE, that’s it! *whispers* Please let me just catch the balance once…”

Stage 5: Guilt

“My stupid weak core! Stupid weak arms! Stupid bad balance! Why don’t I do more crunches? Or weights? I don’t deserve crow pose…”7 Stages Crow_3

Stage 6: Depression

“Looks like I’m destined to a life without wings. Woe is me.”

Stage 7: Acceptance

“Challenge accepted. Let me try again.”7 Stages Crow_4

Over to you, Bad Yogis: tell us about how you found your wings in crow pose!