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6 Guaranteed Ways Yoga Helps Improve Your Sex Life

The response from a male yogi in the community.

^ The response from a yogi in the community, and he’s probably not alone.


It’s widely known that working out can improve your sex life due to increased energy and self-esteem, but when it comes to yoga, you get all that AND a bag of chips. The rumors are true, ladies and gentlemen- yoga can help you have better sex.

Now, I’m not going to say that it’ll teach you how to work what your mama gave you- that’s on you… but here are some guaranteed ways that yoga can help you have better a better sex life (and stronger orgasms! hey heyyyyyy!).

1. Yoga Makes You Feel Sexy

Elle Woods probably misspoke and meant to specify yoga, but we’ll let it slide. Is it the point of yoga to feel sexy? NO. Is it a wonderful benefit to add to the list? IT SURE IS.

I often ask my yogis if they’ve ever actually regretted a yoga class that they almost didn’t make it to. The answer is resoundingly “no” and it’s not just because I’m a spectacular teacher. 😉 You just tend to feel good after hitting your mat.

Think about it this way- in yoga, we ask you to stand up tall by lengthening your spine and engaging your core. We also ask you to draw the shoulders down the back, improving posture and giving an overall air of confidence. Simply standing in yoga can improve your overall self-esteem. Improved self-esteem can boost your sex life, too, as a regular practice can help you feel slimmer, more fit, and overall a lot more confident in your body.

2. Yoga Strengthens Your Pelvic Floor

Many people can’t consciously find, engage, and relax this important group of muscles. There are different ways to strengthen your pelvic floor in yoga, but the most common involves something called “Mula Bandha”. In short, it’s a yogic practice that engages the pelvic floor muscles to lock in energy. Stimulating your root chakra, around your pelvic floor, is said to provide you with a sense of stability, and our root chakra is associated with sexuality.

Benefits of a strong and healthy pelvic floor? Bladder, bowel, reproductive and yep- you guessed it- sexual function. The stronger the pelvic floor, the stronger the orgasm.

What are some poses that engage Mula Bandha? Believe it or not, common poses included Downward Facing Dog, Chaturanga, Crow Pose, Reclined Bound Angle and Plow Pose all engage Mula Bandha by lifting the pelvic-floor muscles, increasing core strength, and more.

3. Yoga Improves Body Awareness

Let’s see if I can paint a picture for you here… when we practice yoga, we learn that even the SLIGHTEST movement can entirely change an asana. Think of that heart opening moment in floor bow pose when you kick your heels away from your seat just a smidge further. Even pranayama can aid in intensifying our practice.

In discovering that these slight shifts in asana and pranayama can make a big difference, we can transfer these exact skills into the sheets, if you will. Wink wink.

4. Yoga Teaches You to ‘Live in the Moment’

Think about all the focus you have to channel to stay in that challenging balancing pose. Or to stay in Chair Pose when the instructor is relentless and making you hold it for the longest 10 breaths of your life.

Now, think of all of the times you’ve orgasmed while having a zillion other things on your mind. Yeah…

Yoga trains your body and mind to develop an awareness of your sensations of your body, and how your body feels. It actually helps you learn to stay in tune with your body, stay in the moment, and out of your head.

In short- breathe, focus, enjoyyyy.

5. Yoga Decreases Anxiety

Science has proven that yoga decreases anxiety and physical tension, and the effects from a single class can last for hours after practicing. Lower stress levels at the end of the day can lead to feeling better in countless ways, including with your partner.

6. Yoga Improves Flexibility

Need we say more? Practice enough yoga, and you might just be able to get those feet behind your head. Or wherever you want them to go. Without flexibility, you could literally find yourself in some awkward situations you can’t get out of.


The real question should be, is there anything yoga CAN’T do? The evidence suggests no.

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    Lily Gross

    October 10, 2019 at 5:46 am

    Research has shown that women who habitually practice yoga tend to have better sex lives. I agree that yoga can improve your overall self-esteem and self esteem improves sex life.

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