First thing’s first: have you read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo? If you love organizing (or don’t but need it in your life), want to minimize the amount of crap you have, or want to feel inspired to clean up, definitely read this book. It’s really helpful and gives you a great, new perspective on your your “stuff.” I read it last year and highly recommend!
If you have read it, here’s how you can KonMari your yoga practice for the New year!

No one likes clutter. Clutter makes us feel overwhelmed and complicates things that shouldn’t be complex. The same is true for our yoga practice! What would happen if we took that “Spark Joy” and minimalistic approach to our practice? Life changing magic happens, that’s what! 😉

1. Minimize & lose the mat.
When I’m doing cat/cow or lying on my back, I definitely need some cushion for my bones, but when I know I need a good stretch in the middle of the day, there’s no reason for a mat. I can slide out of my desk chair and hit Downdog for a few breaths without any mat at all. I can do strong Warrior poses, seated forward folds, and even some sun salutations if I want.

2. Keep it short.
Who said you MUST to practice for 45 minutes or an hour? If you’re dreading your practice because you don’t want to spend that much time, drop it down to 10-15 and see how you feel then. If shorter sessions make you feel more joyful, then do THAT!

3. What are you wearing?
Did that sound creepy? Sorry, haha! I mean, are you one of those people who has 3 drawers full of yoga clothes you never wear? If so, it’s time to pare down and keep what you LOVE and wear often, and donate or ditch the rest. Don’t get buried hoarding stuff you don’t need and that doesn’t spark joy.

4. Put aside distraction.
When you sit down to practice, make sure you’re not worried about sacrificing anything else to do so. Schedule this 15 minutes or whatever it is to be JUST for this. Your other to-do’s aren’t looming or pressing and you can ONLY focus on your practice.

5. Show gratitude.
Instead of treating your practice as something to check of your to-do list, let it feel lighter. Be grateful that you get to take these few minutes for yourself and do something rejuvenating for your body and mind. Focus on feeling that gratitude in every fiber of your being.

Over to you! Which of these are you most looking forward to trying? Have you read the book?! Can you think of any there ways to KonMari your practice? 😉