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5 Steps to Manifest the Hell Out of Anything You Want

I want stuff. You want stuff.

We both probably want world peace, meditation in every classroom and the ability to eat a pint of Rocky Road every night without the busting the seams out of our yoga pants.

No matter what you want, there are five steps to manifest anything and make it a reality. Ready? Let’s go!

Step 1: CLEAR

First, clear negativity and past dramas around whatever it is you want to bring in. You know your triggers. You know what makes you scared and anxious around this topic.

These negative thoughts are recurring blocks that may be keeping you from bringing more of what you want into your life.

Recall those negative thoughts and purposefully, fiercely exhale those out. Blow them out and send them floating away on your breath.

If they’re old, sticky and painful memories, take a couple of your deepest belly breaths and forcefully exhale those suckers out. Send them flying away into the sky. They don’t serve you. You don’t need them.

Try saying a supportive mantra out loud or in your head, “Right now I am willing to release _____.” Fill in the blank.

You can also write down your insecurities or bad experiences and burn them. Send that bad juju up in hot smoke.

As an example, if you want to bring more cold, hard cash into your life, recall negative experiences and feelings that you have about money. When did you feel broke as a joke? What’s an experience around money where you felt shameful or embarrassed? Bring up those feelings and then release them.


Now it’s time to be thankful for what you already have. Gratitude starts the receiving process, so being consciously thankful for what you already have in a particular area will bring you more of that.

For this step, give big, fat love to anything you currently have – even if it’s less than you want. Say, “Hell-to-the-yes! I’m grateful for every single beautiful, bountiful blessing.”

On the money example, you could also take a look at receipts or credit card statements. You were able to buy those things! Conjure up thankfulness that you had the money to buy those things. It’s likely that some of your purchases are little luxuries (like a vegan pizza dinner or a new badass t-shirt), so that’s something to especially feel grateful about.


The next step is to ask what you truly desire. You don’t get what you don’t ask for.

What do you want and why do you want it? Write that shiz down! Be specific and clear. Also, don’t overcomplicate it or you won’t do it. Write it on a napkin at a juice bar or on a yellow sticky note.

Then fold up the note and put it either under a potted plant or bury it in some dirt in your yard. It’s a seed that will germinate and flourish into whatever it is you wrote on that paper.

For manifesting money abundance, write down exactly how much you desire and what you would do with it. Be specific and describe the actual dollar amounts. Then perhaps plant it under a money tree.


Your thoughts and beliefs are incredibly powerful. You’ll only bring in what you want if you believe it’s happening.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself with whatever it is that you desire. “See” it in your mind. Create a visual scene of what life will be like when you receive it.

With money manifesting, “see” your bank accounts getting fatter and yourself using the money for those things you desire. Visualize yourself with whatever it is you want to use the money for whether it’s a two-week retreat in Bali or extra savings for some financial security.


Let whatever it is you want flow in easily. Receive gracefully and make it easy for whatever you desire to be delivered to you.

Start by being aware of what you’re being given in that area already. Let it arrive and make it easy for it to show up.

On the money example, if someone offers to pay or wants to give you a little something, accept it fully and without argument.

Bringing more of whatever you want into your life is part hustle and part intention. Neither is all that effective on their own, but together they’re fiery alchemy.

This five-step manifesting practice can be the intention part. The hustle part really comes down to having some sort of a conscious vision for what you want in life as well as plan to make it happen.

Combining hustle and intention aligns your energy and signals that you’re ready for more of what you want in life, and that you’re responsible enough to receive it with gratitude.

Hey, yogis! What goals could these steps help you achieve (or manifest)? Share with us in the comments!

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