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5 Reasons Why Your Partner Makes for the Best Yoga Partner

Thanks to the improvement in the digital era, the world’s moving much faster. Technology has shown how powerful yet equally reclusive it is. Even though we humans designed it, we failed to understand the fine line of being controlled by it and controlling it. There have been reports of how severely this advancement is taking a toll in personal lives, like many other things. The way we wake up in the morningto how we travel and eat has all changed.

People are looking at ways to resort the problem with the same alarming force. Couple therapy, intimate dates to name a few. Some couples are looking for everlasting solutions to their personal problems with Yoga. We have all seen the benefits of it for ourselves, on our bodies and minds. It comes as a cherry topping, to know that Yoga could heal strained relationships too. The secret is, yoga gives benefits that are essential for normal human survival. These are the same benefits that act as solutions to every human problem available.

Yoga as a term in itself symbolizes unification. Did you know that? Yoga is an integrated form of exercise that trains both your body and mind simultaneously. Who else is better suited to unify with, than your partner? You can do traditional yoga positions with your partner by supporting each other. Irrespective of how your present relationship is, doing yoga together can only do good to it. It improves your understanding and enriches your bonding with your partner.

Here are 5 reasons to do Yoga with your partner:

1. It improves patience, which goes a long way in every relationship

All good things in life need patience and there is no shortcut to it. One bright example of it is the relationships we live with. Be it friendship, marriage, or relationships with co-workers, they all need time. However, with the proximity of technology, it’s becoming extremely difficult to be patient anymore. Our generation is extremely talented and has made shortcuts for everything. In this mad rush, we have forgotten that certain things in life need patience only and no amount of options would help. Relationships need time to nurture them.

Yoga teaches you how to be patient in a very subtle yet permanent manner. Some poses in yoga are hard to master and improve only with patience. You fix your mind to it and keep trying until one fine day you seem to have mastered it. Same goes with relationships. You want to master them but it takes understanding and time for it. With patience comes calmness and you start enjoying the smaller joys in life. Every little progress looks like an achievement. Be it making a perfect arc with your torso or your partner remembering your birthday.

2. Flexibility and immunity goes for a spike, for good

A relationship is a pure balance between, both our physical and mental health. You wouldn’t be able to think about good things when you are preoccupied thinking about your bouts of acidity. The other day I was talking to a friend who has been getting muscle cramps frequently in the last couple of months. To imagine, being romantic when she has a physical strain bothering her, is painful even for me. Flexibility plays a big role in the intimacy between couples.

Yoga allows your body to be flexible over time. Balanced breathing is a normal practice in most yoga asana. That’s the same feature that can help stimulate better sexual sessions with your partner. When done systematically, yoga heightens your bodily sensations that you have earlier ignored. This sensitivity allows you to enjoy more sensations during foreplay.

3. Yoga helps you bury your differences, while you focus on posture

Some asanas that you do with your partner, will require the 2 of you to have the perfect posture. You would both be working towards a common goal. In times like these when equal effort from both ends is required, you tend to forget your smaller problems. In case you have some unresolved issues going on, it gets sorted with yoga. You both find a new purpose. It’s you both against the perfect yoga posture. You subconsciously tend to leave your differences away and work towards the greater good. Once you successfully attain the right posture, things are right again. You will both realize how good you are as a team. This is when you feel proud of yourself, your partner, and the equation you share.

4. Yoga postures help in improving trust significantly

Relationships survive on trust and respect. There comes a point in every relationship when love feels to have taken a backseat. Life happens and we start taking things for granted. Times like these are absolutely obvious. It’s extremely important to be trustful and respectful of your partner all throughout.

A lot of yoga positions requires both the participants to be dependent on each other. It’s the mutual trust that helps in finding the correct position in yoga. These kind of extreme yoga positions also encourages you to have nonverbal communication with your partner. To maintain the right balance and alignment and be in perfect sync with your partner is one such example. You will eventually understand how significantly your dynamics has improved over time.

5. Relieves frustrations and let’s go of Ego

We all come across our own fair share of stress in our days. Be it at work, on the road, or with other friends & family. We try our best to keep our calm at such places and avoid disagreements. We fail to understand that the stress grows inside us. This is not healthy as it gradually reaches a point where we can’t take anymore. This negatively impacts our relationships.

Yoga is known to help you relieve all the pent-up stress and calm your senses. This gradually makes you feel obligated towards your partner.


Yoga makes it important for both of you to forget self and work as a single unit. This, in turn, is the secret to everlasting togetherness.  Isn’t that what we all intend from our relationships as a whole, anyway?


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    May 3, 2019 at 7:00 am

    Loved reading this post! I totally agree.
    I practice acro yoga regularly with my partner and it’s really made us more patient with one another. In the beginning it kind of felt like a team-building exercise to make the poses work but now we both fully enjoy practicing together and are way more relaxed about whether we nail a pose or not.

    Cami –

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    March 29, 2020 at 5:15 am

    I couldn’t agree more!
    Hugs from Cami

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