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5 Yoga Poses That Can Vanquish Anxiety Right Away!

Anxiety may come inevitably. Whether you are in your work, home, or school, this particular feeling can take place.

But of course, no one should be ever blamed for this. After all, it is the mechanism of our body to react to stimuli. If there are settings that are indeed worrisome (such as meeting deadlines), anxieties will eventually occur.

Fortunately, there’s no need for you to settle on this predicament. One good way to defeat anxiety is yoga. Doing yoga poses will eventually help you prevent the cumbersome effects of worries and stress.

Learn some of them here.


Legs Against The Wall

This yoga pose will help you slow down your mind and relax the strains in your body. It will refine your mental faculties as well so that you wouldn’t feel stressed at all.

       Place a mat on a nearby wall. Lie on it and put your buttocks as close to the wall to possible.

       Your legs should be raised upward. If you can, make your legs vertically aligned to the wall. Meanwhile, your arms should remain on your side while your face is straight uphill.

       Close your eyes and start to breathe deeply. Do a five-second inhale and five-second exhale until your mind feels relaxed already.

 Your brain is the critical organ in your body that has control over the things that you feel and sense. From happiness down to anxiety, they occur on your brain. Therefore, it is necessary that this part of your body is kept healthy.

 Aside from doing yoga, you should take nootropics as an additional brain booster. But what are nootropics anyway? Well, these are substances that are turned into supplements that provide positive effects to the cognitive performance and health of your brain.

Child’s Pose 

 Another yoga pose that can alleviate anxiety is the child pose. It gives your body a good stretch so that it can feel relaxed and calm.

       Place a thick mat to the floor. The latter will provide support and comfort to your knees and legs.

       In the mat, close your knees together like you are squatting. Make sure that the posterior part of your legs and ankles are placed tightly against each other.

       Bend your body forward like you are bowing. But this time, you need your arms to be stretched forward. Your head should be facing on the floor. 

       Once in this position, you can close your eyes already. Breathe and focus on releasing the negativities of your body through deep breathing.

Cat/Cow Pose

This yoga posture is definitely a good way to relieve the anxiety that you are feeling. It will make you feel relaxed and released from the strains that are burdening your body.

       Place a mat on the floor.

       Next, imitate the natural posture of cats. Both your hands and feet should be on the ground. Make sure that your back maintains a neutral position.

       Lower your belly while you are inhaling. At the same time, your shoulder blades should be drawn close together so that your chest can open better. This is the cow pose.

       To do the cat pose, make an arch your upper back and separate your shoulder blades. Your gaze should be facing upwards, just like sneaking cat. This should be your posture while you are exhaling.

       Repeat these movements until you feel better already.

Forward Bend While Sitting 

You can consider this pose as one of the basics of yoga. It is usually done for stretching, but it can also help you eliminate anxiety and stress.

       Start by sitting straight on a mat. Stretch your legs forward and make sure they are closed together. You can adjust your sitting position until you are comfortable already.

       Next, bend your body while your arms are placed beside your legs. Make sure that your hands and feet are vertically aligned. If this seems painful, just lower the stretch.

       Your back can either be flat or round. If it is flat, then your hamstrings will be stretched; if it is round, the back will feel more relieved. Either way, both are good for body and mind relaxation.

Standing Forward Fold

Your body gets energized and released from anxiety as you do the Uttanasana or the standing forward fold pose.

       Stand upright while your feet are close together. 

       Next, lift your arms while maintaining an erect spine.

       After this, fold your body forward so that your palms can get in contact with your ankles. Keep this position until for as long as you could.

       Close your eyes and imagine that your troubles are being poured out from your body.

Wrapping It Up

Yoga is an effective medium to eliminate stress and anxiety. Therefore, if your worries are already overwhelming, doing the yoga exercises that have been listed here could help you out. They should be able to release all the things that are burdening you.


That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.



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