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5 Partner Yoga Poses To Try for Valentine’s Day

Partner Yoga is one of those things Adrien and I did every single Friday night when we first started dating (almost 12 years ago!). It was always really fun and had an element of romance to it too. And despite our huge difference in height and weight, it was NEVER a problem. The poses were always modifiable and it made for the best date night because we always had fun.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be giant gestures and fancy dinners.

It can be a simple night in watching your favorite shows on Netflix and be even more romantic than any of that fancy stuff.

I wanted to send over 5 partner yoga poses you can try with your love for Valentine’s Day. Especially if you’re the kind of people who are more low key for this silly but fun made up holiday 😉


1. Partner Yoga Seated Twist.
Sit back to back with your legs crossed comfortably. Twist to the left and gently hold onto your partner’s knee. Hold this shape and synchronize your breath for 8-10 breaths. Make sure you do both sides 🙂bad yogi partner yoga seated twist
2. Partner Yoga Chest Opener.
From your seated twist, take turns leaning back for a mild backbend over your partner. Have them grab your hands too for an added feel-good stretch! Hold for 8-10 synchronized breaths. Partner Yoga Chest Opener
3. Partner Yoga Assisted Forward Fold.
One of my favorites! This forward fold feels like a dream! Sit facing each other with your feet touching. Holding hands, one of you leans back to gently pull the other forward, and then switch when you’re ready. Taking 8-10 breaths is a good guideline, but if the fold is too intense to hold for that long, feel free to back off. Partner Yoga Assisted Forward Fold
4. Partner Yoga Assisted Cobra.
Have your partner lie on their stomach. You’ll place your knees on their upper thighs and sit your butt down on your heels between their legs. Have your partner reach their arms back so you can hold onto their forearms. Gently lean your weight back to pull their chest away from the floor. Hold for as long as your partner is comfortable, and make sure you get your turn too! This is another one that feels amazing! Partner Yoga Assisted Cobra
5. Partner Yoga Shoulder Release.
Have your partner sit in bound angle and if they can, have them hold onto their feet for support. Standing behind them, gently press your weight onto their shoulders to lengthen the neck and release the shoulders and upper back. Adrien said he wanted me to do this all day, haha 🙂 Hold for as long as your partner wants, and then switch!Partner Yoga Shoulder Release

Over to you! Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner? Are you doing anything special? Have you ever done partner yoga?

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