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5 Excuses to Stop Using Right Now For Why You Can’t Do Yoga

Life is hard, and fitting your to-do list into just 24 hours sometimes seems impossible. Work, cooking, doing the washing, giving loving attention to your husband and kids – it can all be very tiring at times. Therefore, it’s no surprise (or sin for that matter) that you make excuses for why you can’t do certain things that are just for you – like yoga.

The good news is that all the excuses you’ve been making about why you can’t do yoga are about to be kicked to the curb – hard. What follows might look very familiar – but don’t worry, we didn’t snag your diary and copy your daily list of excuses, it’s just that sometimes, over here, we’re really good at reading minds.

1. I’m not strong or flexible enough to do yoga

This is usually the main excuse people use. The truth is that you don’t have to be strong or flexible to start practicing yoga. Wanting to become stronger and more flexible is usually one of the main reasons people start. It is important to remember that yoga meets you right where you are – you don’t need to be able to touch your toes or stand on your head. You just need to show up. That’s all yoga asks of you. The rest is optional. And if you stick to it, progress will be inevitable.

2. I don’t have enough time

Here’s the thing. You do. Have you checked how much time you spend scrolling through Instagram or Facebook? Is it ten, maybe fifteen minutes? You could’ve been doing yoga in that time. Really, no kidding. Yoga doesn’t ask for a lot of your time. Even a fifteen-minute class will make you feel amazing and a lot less stressed after. The biggest mind shift you have to make here is to prioritize your time. Time doesn’t run out, it is spent according to the choices we make. You just have to choose to make yoga a part of your daily routine and pretty soon it will become a habit, just like brushing your teeth.

3. I don’t have enough space to practice in

We get it, when you can’t afford a yoga studio, finding enough space to practice in when you live in a cramped apartment or house can be challenging. But you might have a misperception of how much space you actually need – it only needs to be as big as your yoga mat. Where there is a will, there is always a way. Perhaps you can simply move the table in your sitting room a little off to the side, or maybe you have a nice bit of space outside that’s just begging you to use it. When you look for them – the possibilities are everywhere.

4. Yoga studios are way too intimidating

They can be quite intimidating, can’t they? It’s totally normal to wonder what the people will be like, whether you’d like the teacher and if someone in class might secretly (or very loudly) laugh at you when you fall on your face while trying to get into crow pose; but you won’t know if you don’t try. Many people who have tried yoga studios have said that it wasn’t nearly as intimidating as they had thought it would be. Keep in mind that everyone present is there because they love yoga and are probably trying to de-stress and establish that famous mind-body connection. They’re not going to have time to watch what you’re doing – and if they do, they’re the ones who are going to fall on their face in crow pose and then you get to laugh at them. It’s a win-win situation.

If studios really freak you out or you can’t find one you like, there are endless options on the internet. Online yoga classes (*cough* Bad Yogi Studio *cough*) are very popular and if you don’t have a trusty internet connection you can always consider buying some self-help books to aid you in your practice.

5. I’m no yogi

You can just throw that excuse right out the window. What is a yogi? What does a yogi even look like? You don’t need to be a yogi to do yoga. You don’t have to be vegan and meditate for twenty minutes every day. You don’t have to quit smoking or lose weight. Yoga accepts you just the way you are. No prerequisites, no judging. Yoga just wants you to show up – whether that be in your baggy sweats with your hair a total mess or in those new leggings you’ve been dying to find an excuse to wear. And if you’re just simply afraid that you’ll be a bad yogi, you’re in the right place – we love welcoming new members to the community!


What’s your most famous excuse for not doing yoga? How do you motivate yourself to get past it? 

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    February 9, 2019 at 8:38 am

    Really enjoyed this article. Thank you for writing it in such a fun way that makes total sense. I plan to share your advice with the patients that I work with. 😊☮🙏

    1. Marica Laing

      Marica Laing

      February 9, 2019 at 8:47 am

      I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it! And if it can help other people, my work here is done 😉

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    June 19, 2019 at 6:58 pm

    I love this article, it spoke volumes to me, thank you. Highly motivating, fun and definitely BadYogi. Off to discover Yoga again xx

    1. Marica Laing

      Marica Laing

      June 21, 2019 at 7:34 am

      So glad it was helpful to you! Enjoy rediscovering your yoga practice 🙂

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