The other day I asked Instagram what the best ways to use castor oil were, and you guys dropped some serious knowledge.

I didn’t try every single one, but I’ll list the most popular and interesting suggestions below and I’ll let you know if I’ve tried it AND if it actually worked.

Here goes!

1. It makes eyelashes longer and eyebrows fuller. 
This was my main motivation for buying it and I haven’t seen a difference after 1 week. That’s not nearly enough time, so I’ll give it longer and I’ll get back to you. But people swear by it for this reason, so I have high hopes! I’m literally putting a pea-sized drop on my fingers and just dragging a little across each eyebrow and each lash line. We’ll see!

2. It removes dark circles under the eyes. 
Maybe I’m crazy, but I swear this WORKS! I tend to get gray circles under my eyes and with one sweep under each eye, I swear it’s made a HUGE difference the next morning. I’ve done it every day for a week and I’ll definitely stick to this habit.

3. It induces labor (apparently).
I’m not pregnant, but LOTS of people let me know about this one, so I’ll hold onto this tip for future reference in case a Baby Bad Yogi steps on board 😉

4. It relieves constipation.
I can’t confirm this as I haven’t tried it, but apparently a teaspoon is enough to get things moving! I’m not sure if the brand has to say specifically that it’s ingestible, but I don’t know if mine is, so make sure you check with whatever brand you purchase.

5. You can use it as a moisturizer. 
Actually LOVING it for this reason! The air is pretty dry around here compared to Florida, so this worked better than anything else for dry hands in mountain air. I put it straight on my hands and then mixed a couple drops in with my body lotion. Such a dream if you’ve got dry skin! I wonder if it’d be good for people with Eczema, too? Totally thinking out loud, but could be awesome!

6. You can use it as facial cleanser.
Okay, I’m skeptical on this one because this stuff is the THICKEST oil you can possibly imagine, so I only 50% tried this 🙂 I took a baby step and removed my mascara with it and it worked really well. I also noticed that while it takes a while, it DOES absorb into the skin without a trace of greasiness, so I’m betting this could work to remove makeup.

Over to you! Have you ever used castor oil for anything else than what’s above? What’s worked and what hasn’t?