A few weeks ago I was talking with Alex (our awesome community manager & blog editor) about these lists about how to carve out some time for self care or at home spa days. We were talking about how unrealistic, time consuming, and airy-fairy some of them sound. Like who has time to bathe in a natural river? What life are these people living?!

While most of us don’t have the luxury of unlimited time, money, and natural resources at our fingertips, most of us DO have the ability to pamper ourselves in little ways.

Here’s a few of my favorite ways to have a spa experience on a budget in my very own living room.

1. Host yourself for an apero hour.
This is like happy hour but more sophisticated 😉 I found a bottle of prosecco on sale at our local market, then bought a handful of dark chocolate covered almonds from the bulk section and some spicy & savory “bar snack” kind of things. I lit a candle around 7PM, turned on my favorite spotify station, and sat back with a cold glass of bubbly, satisfying snacks, and watched the sunset with my Frenchman. Couple’s spa night complete and all for about $14.

2. Homemade (but not really) facials.
I’m not a DIY pro. Anything I’ve ever tried to DIY could probably be found on one of those Pinterest fails lists, so “making” or mixing a face mask at home is just not something you’ll ever find me doing. What I actually like doing is grabbing a single paper mask from Sephora for about $3 and hanging out in my bathroom with a podcast for a few minutes. It’s easy, it’s super cheap, and totally doable on any day, even a weeknight.

3. Restorative yoga.
I mean, have you ever done 15 minutes of restorative yoga?! I swear, it’s like a spa treatment all on its own! Light your favorite candle or drop a few drops of lemongrass or lavender oil on a warm washcloth and rest it on your forehead during meditation. You’ll be amazed at how refreshing this is!

4. Put fresh sheets on your bed & go to bed before 11PM.
Is there anything more luxurious, yet so simple, than crawling into bed with freshly cleaned sheets? Make sure your bed is made, then treat yourself to any of the above, and get in bed by 11PM. It’s so simple yet makes you feel so spoiled.

Each of these takes discipline to ACTUALLY carve out time to do, but if you can prioritize a few minutes for your own self-care, at least you have some options that make it less complicated.

Over to you! Do you have any go-to ways to turn your home into a “spa”?