Almost 39 weeks pregnant & finally getting around to this third trimester vlog! I had a dream the other night that I went into labor and forgot to do this. I was freaking out telling Adrien that I forgot to do this and now it’s too late and blah blah blah! I took it as a sign that I should really get this done before I go into labor in real life 😉

In this vlog I’m talking about the strange “in between” time just before birth where none of this feels real, how I overcame my fears about birth, getting tonsillitis at 38 weeks, weight gain, symptoms, cravings & everything else you’d want to know about!

I’ll continue writing and vlogging about the postpartum timeframe and motherhood too, but I just want to thank you for following me along this pregnancy journey. I committed to documenting it for my own use and memory later on, but I’m happy so many of you have enjoyed it too. I’ve SO appreciated all the kind words, well wishes, sound advice, and that feeling of being surrounded by a village of women who’ve walked the same path.

Enough mushiness from me! Let’s get to it 😉 Excuse my sick voice– I was still recovering when I filmed!