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2nd Trimester Vlog: The Glucose Test, My Symptoms, & What Prenatal Care is Like in France

I can’t believe that I’m already about to wrap up the second trimester of this pregnancy! In just a couple of days I’ll be in the final third of this journey and I honestly can’t believe it.

The second trimester is a fun one. You’re going through massive changes pretty much every other day, some of which are awesome, some are not so much… but you mostly feel like yourself.

There’s also some big milestones in the second trimester! But I’ll cover some of the main topics people asked me about in today’s pregnancy vlog 🙂

I talk about… 
– That infamous glucose test
– My blood pressure
– Stereotypical symptoms I’ve experienced
– And a lot about prenatal care here in France & how I know it differs from the USA

Anyway, hope you enjoy this one! Let me know if there’s other questions or topics you’d want me to cover on the next vlog or in a separate post!

PS: I’ve got a bunch of pregnancy friendly classes inside Bad Yogi Studio, so if you or someone you know is expecting, check it out! Remember: you’re not sick or disabled when you’re pregnant. As long as you have clearance from your doctor, staying active is massively important for you and your baby. And what better way than with a little yoga? 😉

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    May 23, 2019 at 10:30 am

    Best wishes for a continued healthy and happy pregnancy! I had a lot of the same “no symptoms” with both of my pregnancies and that helped propel me into an active post-pregnancy. Do they use midwives much in France?

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