My YTT had prepared me. I was being given my own class starting in just a week! I’d been wanting to teach yoga for years, and I was finally being given an opportunity to do just that! It was a Monday, and I was starting to psych myself up for my first class the following Sunday.

Until I was asked to sub a class and teach for the first time…in 6 hours. The following is a sampling of the stampede of thoughts that inhabited me before, during, and after that very sacred first teaching experience.

On the way to the studio

It’s fine. You’re fine. You got this. You know what you’re doing. You have a class written, playlist ready. You know the studio. You’re good.

Wait, what’s Sanskrit for “hello”?

Um, when have you ever known Sanskrit for “hello”? Get out of your head, Alyssa!

You got this.

Before class

Lights dim, candles on, mat down, let’s get some vibe up in here.

How… how do you turn these heaters on? They’re so high up… I’ve never had to turn these heaters on before. Oh no…

Okay, J said to call him if I had any questions about opening the studio. SO WHY ISN’T HE ANSWERING HIS PHONE?!

Oh, hm. Those switches right there, huh? Makes sense. Okay, let’s rock and roll.


Just kidding I’m totally nervous now. Well, again.

During class

Here they come. Look alive.

My voice is confident, but I’m sweating through my shirt here. Good thing the lights are down low, they won’t notice.

Just make them close their eyes right away, there. Much better.

Is the music too loud? Better walk to the back of the room and check.

Oh good, this song is 3 times louder than the one before it and now I’m all the way on the other side of the room. NO RUNNING IN YOGA!

Did we do the right leg already? Or did we start on the left? I’ll just leave them in child’s pose while I figure it out.

Next time when you go to a demo a pose, make sure you have enough room to do the pose without crashing into the wall, genius. You’re SAYING “hinge forward,” so why wouldn’t you leave yourself room to HINGE FORWARD?

Smooth recovery. Totally looks like I meant to do that.

Okay, take ‘em down. Not in a threatening way. Weird word choice. Don’t giggle.

Savasana! We made it! Whew.

So… what do teachers normally do during savasana? Just sit here and watch them? That’s creepy.

It’s been like 2-3 minutes now, right? Hm, only 20 seconds. Wow, this is boring when you’re not in savasana.

UH OH. I never made a decision about om-ing. Am I going to om? Gametime decision!

Well I forgot to om so I guess that’s out.

After class

They’re smiling! That’s a good sign! They said thank you and no one stormed out or appears injured… success by any measure!

Okay let’s do it again.

Tell us about your first time in the comments! 😉