Erin Motz gets interviewed on the Bad Yogi Podcast this week! …and Erin Motz will now exclusively speak about herself in the third person apparently!

Okay, I’m done, I promise!

ANYWAY, we had an idea to do an episode where Adrien interviews me as a “guest.” This was exceptionally hilarious and fun because as the person who knows me netter than anyone, his questions were GOOD. He didn’t ask anything obvious, didn’t give me any softball questions, and made me reveal a few embarrassing facts about myself that I didn’t intend to, lol.

I’ll also pass a little challenge onto you: after you listen, jot down some of the questions that you found interesting and ask your partner (or a friend or family member) the same ones.

In this episode we talk about…
– The biggest mistake I’ve made with Bad Yogi
– Advice for people wanting to do what I do
– What I like most & least about the yoga community
– Dealing with the fear of what other people think
– What I wish people understood
– How to separate ego from what I do
– Weight loss
…and so much more than I’ll type here!

Have a listen, enjoy, and please subscribe & rate if you enjoy the episode!

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