Every year there’s a few things that really stand out in my mind as things I’ve loved, would love to try, or would make fantastic gifts for that one person in my life who loves something like whatever-the-thing-is! Like the weirdo that I am, I keep a note in my phone just for birthday & Christmas gift ideas so that by the time those times come around, I have a list of things to pull from. Does anyone else do this?!

Anyway, here’s a list of things I’ve got on my gift list in 2017. I’ll let you know my opinion about the things I’ve personally tried, too.


1. Sun Warrior Protein.
Any wellness, fitness, or yoga junkie I know is super into crafting healthy recipes and feeding their body properly. The Frenchman and I have been Sun Warrior converts for the past year and a half and we love it. We’ve both stopped relying heavily on animal products and have switched to a more plant-based lifestyle, and that’s how we ended up trying Sun Warrior. We use the all “natural” flavor because neither of us likes flavorings in protein, but they do offer Vanilla, Chocolate, and even Mocha (!!!) flavors for those of you who enjoy a bit more variety. The Natural flavor on its own is a little rough, but I always put it in smoothies and the flavor just adopts whatever I mix it with. It’s awesome and will definitely be going under the Christmas tree for my fitness-loving husband!

If you wanna stock up, use the coupon code “Savewarrior” for 20% off! For my European friends: you can still shop Sun Warrior in Europe, but the coupon code only works for the US customers!

2. Tiny Devotions Malas.
What yogi doesn’t love a beautiful mala? There are lots of companies out there who make these, but Tiny Devotions is on another level. I received a mala from them in the mail the other day, and it was BEAUTIFUL. It would make a stunning gift for someone special in your life. It definitely passes for nicer jewelry and doesn’t look too “crunchy granola” like a lot of other beads tend to look.

3. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee & Cocoa.
I’ve seen this stuff EVERYWHERE lately and was dying to find out what the fuss was about… First I’ll tell you that to me, it didn’t taste the least bit like mushrooms. As a coffee lover, I was skeptical, but honestly? This stuff is amazing. There’s minimal caffeine, so if your’e sensitive to coffee, this is a great alternative. What’s cool is that the mushrooms they use have insane benefits for focus, immunity, energy, and longevity but without any of the jitters or stomach issues regular coffee can cause some of us. I love experimenting with new healthy food items, so this would be super cool to get as a small gift on its own, in a stocking, or even at a holiday party!

Try some for yourself! Use the coupon code BADYOGI for 15% off!

4. Mahabis Slippers.
For the comfort-obsessed. These have appropriately been named the “slippers for people who don’t do slippers,” and that’s so accurate! They’re almost— dare I say— chic. Definitely not the embarrassing slippers you’ve probably had most of your life, these are really cozy while still being stylish. Ultra plush, very warm, and convenient with their slip on sole, I’ve been wearing mine non-stop since they came in. I’m thinking of getting my mom a pair to elevate her loungewear a little, haha!

Snag a pair for yourself or someone else and get 10% off if you use the coupon code BADYOGI.

5. Schmidt’s Deodorant.
Before you scoff at getting deodorant as a gift for someone, I’ve gotta story about Schmidt’s. Adrien and I are SO IN LOVE with their natural/chemical-free deodorants that we put it on our wedding gift registry, I gave it to my mother-in-law as a stocking stuffer LAST Christmas, AND we even pay to ship it all the way to France when we’re running low. It’s just that good, y’all. Get it for one of your friends as one of those things that’s kind of a joke but actually not because it’s amazing. AND NATURAL! It even saved me at my wedding!

6. Guely Ray Yoga Clothes.
So I’ve never actually worn their clothes, BUT! I’m super intrigued because of the prices! Most apparel companies are on the “premium” end of the spectrum when it comes to price, but this is one that’s refreshingly affordable. I can’t tell you the last time I saw a cool/unique pair of leggings anywhere outside of TJ Maxx for $20…

7. Mindful Skincare.
I won’t lie, I’m totally a Sephora Gold Card member and I’m borderline embarrassed about how many products I’ve tried over the years. But I’ve been trying to clean up my beauty routine and rid my cabinets of chemicals and questionable ingredients. So when the founder (and fellow Bad Yogi!) of Mindful Skincare reached out with her story of starting this company, I was super impressed. She sent me a few products to try and i Loved them. They smell amazing and I really feel like I FEEL them working. Do you know what I mean?! That refreshing tingle in a serum or the cooling sensation of a mask… it’s a good sign 😉

8.Yogo Travel mat.
They sent me a travel mat earlier in the year and I was kinda shocked at how small it was when I rolled it up! It’s truly a travel mat— I could fit it in my laptop carry-on if I wanted to. I love that it’s not heavy but is ultra sticky so is actually useful to practice on. Only thing is that just like most travel mats, this one is pretty thin. So if I had it on a grimy hotel floor, I’d probably put a towel down underneath just for some extra cushion & distance from the carpet germs 😉 But I absolutely love it for easy travel & even when I carry it around town to a studio or outdoor class.

So anyway, these are a few of my favorite finds this year. What’s on your wish list? Do we have any in common?