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10 Yoga Classes to Do When You’re Freezing in a Polar Vortex

So apparently the Polar Vortex is a real thing and I can’t even imagine my body withstanding temperatures that cold! It’s about 38 in Nice right now and our heater is broken (fun!). I’m bundled in the largest, fluffiest blanket I could find and I’m sitting 9 inches from a space heater as I write this, so a Polar Vortex is probably not something this Florida girl is ready for!

I read this on CNN and my brain almost exploded:

Sorry, does that say “-65 to -70 degrees”?! What planet is this?!

So needless to say, my heart (and my heat!) goes out to all of you impacted by this Polar Vortex! I’ll be thinking summery thoughts and sending theoretical sunshine your way!

While you wait for the weather to come above freezing, here’s a few classes to help warm you up:

On YouTube:

1. I AM Powerful: a slow moving but strong practice. We’ll feel the strength in our bodies as we move with control from pose to pose, not taking any strength for granted. Relish your strength and feel the (good) burn!

2. Yoga for When You Need to Feel Powerful: Need to walk out the door feeling powerful? Have a big moment coming up that you need to prepare for? Just need an extra boost of confidence? This class will light your inner fire!

3. Detoxing Twists: a sequence focused on warming, detoxing twists! Can’t go wrong with this one!

4. A Sequence to Start Your Day Off STRONG: a solid strong yoga flow to warm you up & make you feel amazing!

5. Upper Body Burn: a yoga flow to bring the heat to your shoulders, back, and biceps! A totally welcome sensation on these frigid, Polar Vortex-y days!

Inside Bad Yogi Studio:

1. Elements Series: Fire: This one is one of my favorites! A powerful class to bring out our inner fire, we’ll work our core, do plenty of twists, and build a lot of internal heat. When our fire element is out of balance we can feel lethargic and lazy, so giving our bodies a practice to stoke that internal flame is really important for maintaining our motivation. Enjoy!
bad yogi elements series fire
2. Yoga Strength Training: a classic yoga flow that’s infused with some  strength training moves. It’s a tough one and you WILL feel challenged, but most importantly, you’ll feel WARM by the end 😉
bad yogi studio yoga strength training
3. 45-Min Sweat Sesh: Almost like an at-home hot yoga class, this class will definitely work up a sweat, but we’ll prep well with an easy warm-up in the beginning and a generous cool down at the end. Expect some core work, strong standing sequencing, and some tests of upper body strength 😉 Enjoy!
bad yogi studio 45 minute sweat sesh
4. Totally Seated & Supine Flow: If you’re blessed with a fire place or a really cozy space heater, you might want to opt for this one! Sometimes you want to do some yoga but would rather not move around too much… and PLEASE no chaturanga, am I right?! This class is for those days.
bad yogi totally seated and supine flow
5. Total Body Power Yoga: when you need to warm up quickly, you can’t go wrong with a power class. This is the perfect flow for when you want to get in a good power yoga class without too much complexity. So this will challenge you, but you don’t need to be super advanced to get through it. I love this sequence for building strength & endurance in my practice and it’s one I often use myself! Enjoy!
bad yogi total body power yogaTo get a free 7-day trial to the Bad Yogi Studio, just click any of the Studio pictures above OR click –> right here <–.

Over to you! Tell me: how are you staying warm this winter? Any go-to classes, poses, or non-yoga related practices you swear by? I think a hot tea goes a LONG way, but I’d love to hear your other tips!

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    January 30, 2019 at 9:19 am

    Love this because our exercise room (read: basement) is so cold this time of year! I’m bookmarking this post!!

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