Bad Yogi Studio is Moving!

I owe you an apology about the BY Studio

I am so sorry about all the glitchiness of the Bad Yogi Studio. Believe me, no one was more frustrated by that than we were! We pride ourselves on doing the very best work for you and making everything we create super high quality, so anytime something doesn’t work as planned, it seriously infuriates us.

So from the whole Bad Yogi team to you, please forgive us!

We fixed the problems! For the past few weeks we’ve been working day and night to fix all the issues. We moved the Studio to a new platform with a development team solely dedicated to that. So going forward, the glitches and weird loops will be non-existent.

To compensate for the hassle, we want to show you that we’re sorry and not just say it with words. So we’re giving you one month FREE for switching to the new studio.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. We can’t manually transfer you to the new platform, so you’ll have to subscribe to the new platform. (Don’t worry, your current subscription has already been cencelled.)
  2. Use the link below to sign up to the new & improved Bad Yogi Studio. Takes less than 2 minutes :).
  3. The link will automatically give you 30 days free. 

NOTE: If you paid for the year, DO NOT use this link.  E-mail and we’ll take care of your membership.

Some Q’s you may have:

Q: Do you have to do anything to cancel the other one so you don’t get charged twice?
A: No. We’ve already stopped all future charges and will be discontinuing the old platform at the end of this month.

Q: Will I have access to all the same classes?
A: Yes! Nothing with that part is changing. I’ll upload new classes on the same schedule at the same frequency. Cosmetically it’ll look a little different, but everything else will be exactly the same as it was.

Q: What if I paid for a yearly membership?
A: Email us at and we’ll take care of it for you personally 🙂

*** If you have ANY questions or trouble, please contact Alex at ***