Bad Yogi Studio

What is Bad Yogi Studio?

A full selection of classes with me, Erin Motz.  Join me every week for a brand new class. Think of Bad Yogi Studio as your personal home Studio.

What you get:

You get access to ALL of the Bad Yogi premium classes with me!  Premium classes are full length (30-60 mins) and bring you deeper into your practice.

Why Join The Studio?

Instead of paying $18+ per class in the Bad Yogi Store, you get access to ALL of my premium class in one place for a fraction of the price!

Who’s it for?

Bad Yogi Studio is open to anyone who wants to make yoga a habit.  If you’re ever taken my classes, you know I strive to make all my classes welcoming and accessible.  There’s no time for snobbery, pretense, or taking ourselves too seriously.  You’ll have fun, learn, and most of all feel great about incorporating yoga into your life.  The classes are friendly for all levels, even if you’ve never stepped foot on a yoga mat before. Each class says which “level” it’s appropriate for and there’s plenty of choice for any level of experience.  Each class is rated between 1-3. 1 being as close to beginner or “all levels” as possible, 2 being friendly for intermediate yogis, and 3 being challenging enough for more experienced practitioners. There’s lots of choice for everyone.

What if it ends up not being for me?

If you know me at all, you know that if you’re not happy with something I make, then I’m not happy.  So if you decide this isn’t for you, simply cancel at any time.  This is for those who want to incorporate a regular yoga routine into their lives, so if you decide that’s just not you right now, I completely understand. And don’t worry– I’ll still be here if you decide to come back 🙂

Are you ready?!

If you’re ready to make yoga a real habit with staying power, join me on the mat.  Can’t wait to see you there!