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Zodiac Yoga: Aries (FREE Yoga)

Alright Aries friends, you’re up!

Each month I’m doing a special class for the corresponding astrological sign. Now keep in mind these are just for fun, so there’s no need to go make life decisions based on what we talk about or overhaul your self-definition, haha.

Also, PLEASE don’t think you can’t do a class just because it’s not “your sign.” Each one will speak to different aspects of our personality, so they’ll be fun for all 🙂

Now, Aries Bad Yogis, does this sound familiar? You could usually be considered pretty adventurous, or, at the very least you really need to be out doing a lot of stuff to satisfy this spontaneous spirit. The problem is on the other side of that energy when you get really ruthless with yourself: you don’t give yourself enough down time and you don’t always prioritize your own self care.

I was tempted to give you a powerful, adventurous flow, but instead, I want to focus on what you need, and that’s on the restorative side.


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