You Are Enough

Some days nothing goes as planned.

Everything you wanted to accomplish seems to have disappeared out of the window.

All your goals, all your dreams, are so far away that you can barely see them.

You ate a whole bag of candy even though you swore to stop eating sugar.

You didn’t show up to that yoga class you said you would go to.

You didn’t get up on time to do whatever you needed to do and the day already feels like a downward spiral.

You don’t know how to get yourself out of this situation.

I am simply writing this to tell you that it is alright. You are ENOUGH. And what you will do today is enough.

Talk to yourself like a dear friend.

Let yourself know that no matter what you will do, you will always love you. Nothing will ever change that.

You are good enough. You do the best you can. You are perfect just the way you are.

And remember that every single thought, every single second is a chance to turn things around.

You always have a choice.

So embrace the moment and put on your favourite song.

Sing out loud.

Dance like crazy.

Do yoga just the way you feel you should.

Take a long bath.

Give yourself time to cook a wonderful meal.

Clean your room (which for me feels like cleaning my soul of clutter).

Take a walk and appreciate the beauty.

Put a smile on your face and you can’t help but smile a little on the inside as well.

Colour, write, draw, paint – whatever you can think off.

Whatever it takes to make you feel a little bit better.

I’m not saying that you should jump on that to do list, just give yourself time to simply be.

And if nothing seems to work, you always have a second chance called tomorrow.

Yogis, what makes you feel like you are enough? Share your ideas below!

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