Yoga with a Yoga Wheel (FREE Class)

Yoga wheels have been all over Instagram for a few years, and I’m only just NOW getting one! I know, I know, how do I even call myself a yogi, right? 😉

When YogaBody offered to send one over, I thought it would be perfect to film a class and show you how to use one in a flow.

– This yoga wheel is incredibly sturdy. So sturdy, in fact, that Adrien could comfortably lay his 210lbs on it without feeling like it would give out.
– It really adds to your practice. You can use it as a restorative prop or use it to make poses more challenging– it really deepens your practice.
– It feels like a toy! I probably played around on this thing for a good half hour after I finished filming this class, haha!

– It’s heavy & large. This is NOT travel friendly and you’ll want to have a space to keep it because it’s pretty big!

Alright, are you ready to practice with me?! Let’s do it! This class feels sooo good!


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