Yoga Retreats and More: 5 Vacations That Can Go Horribly Wrong

Most of us have limited vacation time and limited vacation budgets and perhaps have only one chance per year to get it right. [tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]The vacations on this list can be fun and fabulous if you plan well and understand the details of exactly what you’re getting into. But if you don’t…[/tweet_box]

Where’d Everyone Go?

Don’t let this happen to you!

Cruises and all-inclusive resorts can be economical, especially for large groups. BUT, cruise ships and large resorts are some of the best places to get separated from (or avoid!) your vacation companions. People are in and out of their rooms and moving from place to place. You may not be able to call or text as cell service is often unreliable and expensive in some locations. If you want to do things together, you need to plan ahead and know when and where you’re going to meet. Otherwise, you could spend a good part of your vacation roaming around looking for your people.

Yoga Immersion

Be sure you’re ready for LOTS of this.

A group of friends invites you to a beautiful beach destination. There’s some talk of yoga classes, and you’re into yoga, but you envision sleeping in, relaxing on the beach, overindulging in food and drink, and an occasional yoga class. You get there and, oops! It’s not a vacation with the option to take yoga classes. It’s an intensive yoga retreat that includes lectures and multiple yoga classes each day, ultra-healthy meals, and very little time to do your own thing. This is not a case of a vacation gone horribly wrong, but you might be disappointed. Do the research before you commit, understand the differences between the various types of yoga getaways, and find the one that’s right for you.

The Bride/Groom Has Requested the Honor of Your Presence

This is how you wanted to spend all your vacation days for the year, right?

Your friend is getting married. He/she invites you to on a pre-wedding vacation with “the squad.” Your friend is so not a bridezilla/groomzilla (indeed, groomzilla is a thing). What could go wrong? First, you’re paying for yourself and it’s clear that the “guest of honor” is expecting to be wined and dined at the group’s expense. OK. That’s fine. But, some members of the squad are people you’d rather not hang around with for an entire weekend. Or even one hour. And you discover that the friend has an ironclad itinerary and you’re expected to attend everything. Spa treatments, golf outings, excursions, fancy meals. With the entire group. Before you commit to the celebration of the bride/groom at your expense, you might want to ask yourself, “Is he/she really that great of a friend?”

We’re Going Where the Road Takes Us

The U.S. has 4.09 million miles of navigable roadways. You might think it would be fun to just start driving with a vague itinerary of things to see and do in the state(s) through which you’ll be traveling. Do that, and you might be disappointed. And bored. There are stretches of highway in the U.S. that are pretty desolate. Plan your route so that you’ll have something to look at and do along the way. There are some great views and interesting places to stop along U.S. highways. Even the inept Clark Griswold had an itinerary for his family road trip to Walley World.

One Big Happy Family

Looks like the perfect place to bicker over who’s going to do the dishes.

Large rental homes that accommodate gobs of people are common in popular vacation locales. If the group doesn’t set the rules and expectations ahead of time, things will get awkward. Someone is going to get the master bedroom with the best view and others are going to get the room with four sets of bunk beds overlooking the driveway. You’ll avoid a huge, possibly relationship-ending confrontation if you agree ahead of time how you’ll split up the bedrooms, and come up with a plan to avoid other issues where the group might have disagreements.

A good rule of thumb: Pay attention to the details, and your vacation is likely to go more right than wrong!

Have you ever had a horror show vacation? Share in the comments to commiserate!

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