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Yoga and Massage for Relationships

What does it take to awaken the greatest levels of pleasure in a partner? The sexual experience, especially if it is to reach full expression, requires physical and even emotional abundance.

Reflecting upon the mind of nature, this makes sense because it wants the healthy and strong to reproduce.

It’s true, we live in an era of unprecedented challenges. Simultaneously, we have access, for the first time, in known history to spiritual technology beyond what our ancestors ever dreamed.

The empresses, emperors, and concubines of classical Asia for example lived longer than anyone else as a direct result of being learned in such teachings.

Tao Yoga

Tao yoga, and the comprehensive bedroom arts it contains, is most suited to individual and partnership cultivation for many reasons. For one, it has less of a judgment on the Earth, specifically the femininity and sexuality, than almost all of the other heaven centric yoga and spiritual systems.

The heart and sexual centers in most people are often very much disconnected, especially in men. Without addressing the causative cultural forces behind this unfortunate phenomenon, the spiritualization of sexual energy that is possible with the time tested cosmic roadmap of Tao yoga and Tantra may be a skillful response most suited to this trend. 


Even if a persons views happen to be atheistic. Rather than saying ‘spiritualizing sex’ one might substitute the word consciousness for that of spirit. By viewing it as a process of raising sexual energy to its most conscious and fulfilling potential, rather than something spiritual.   


Reasons both seen and unseen exist during modern times why most partnerships are unfulfilling or don’t last at all. With fertility and overall health rates at an all time low and projections only worsening. Five minutes is the average duration of time most people spend when they have sex. Subsequently, the vast majority of women have never experienced orgasm.


Whether your main psychological motivation is to move away from pain, or towards pleasure of physical and emotional abundance. The collection of Tao yoga and Tantric secrets may be supportive to you and your beloved.


Sexual and relationship empowerment for individuals and couples via Tao yoga and Tantra, plus the synergistic practice of Thai yoga partner massage, is the focus of a free and subscription based video curriculum available at



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