Career anxiety is so real and even though I LOVE my work, I still get anxious. Those self-doubt thoughts run wild through my mind on the regular… is this good enough? What if X doesn’t work out? What if Y is a total flop? What if I wake up tomorrow and everyone stops caring about everything we do?!

It might not be logical, but it’s loud! There must be something in the water, because it seems like SO much of the BY Community is having some kind of anxiety about their careers. Whether it’s anxiety over an existing position, the stress of trying to decide whether to leave a position, or strategizing a way to change careers altogether, I’ve heard a TON of stories from you recently.

All this to say, we all experience career anxiety sometimes, and this class will calm you so you can think clearly and rationally.


Over to you! What’s going on in your career right now? Are you loving it? Are you in the middle of changing careers? Are you anxious about what to do next? I’d love to hear where you are in your careers!