Welcome to the Bad Yogi Family, Jaimee! This Yoga Flow for the Hips is everything you need to feel good today 😉

Yup, it’s a special treat kinda day! Jaimee Ratliff is the first new teacher we’re adding to the Bad Yogi Studio Family, and her first class drops there on May 15th.

But of course, we wanted to bring you a little taste of her style so you know what you can expect from her classes once they start going live 🙂

Side note: I’m not going ANYWHERE! I said it before and I’ll say it forever: you can’t get rid of me! 😉 You’ll still be getting regular new classes from me, we just wanted to introduce you to new teachers & new styles, but still Bad Yogi. Keeping your practice fresh is always a good thing!

This little yoga treat from Jaimee is all about the hips (YES!).

“We store so much stress, trauma and emotion in our hips. In this flow we really work to release all the stagnant energy. You’ll be glad you took this class. Enjoy!” — Jaimee

To start your FREE trial inside Bad Yogi Studio, click here! This is where all my full length classes live and where the full length classes from our new teachers will live, too. You’ll love it!