Today’s question comes down to this: Will yoga actually detox your body?

If you’ve ever walked past a yoga studio and seen advertisements for Detoxing Yoga Workshops, or if you’ve found some in your Google searching, you’ve probably wondered how this “detoxing” actually works.

How does yoga detox your body? Does it literally remove the “toxins” we supposedly have built up?

Do we sweat out those toxins when we take a challenging class?

What’s the deal?!

I thought the New Year is great timing for this question because of how many of us are looking for a detox after all the holiday madness.

Watch below to find out! Enjoy!

Over to you! Have you ever taken a Detox yoga class? Do you have any questions about yoga, the yoga lifestyle, life off the mat, or anything else you want me to answer? Drop your questions below and I’ll take notes for the next few Q&As!