Why You Should Switch From Black to Green Coffee

The sweet smell of coffee can really bring pleasure to your soul. Most people around the world today start their day with a stimulating cup of coffee. For years, there has been no doubt that the most popular type of coffee has been black coffee. However, with time, the emergence of green coffee has started to make more and more people notice with each passing day.

In more recent times, a lot of people are abandoning black coffee for the green variant. Why? We will be highlighting some of the reasons that have prompted such changes and these could help you to make up your mind on why you might want to switch from black to green coffee.


Everybody has some form of toxic substance that can be found in the body. These substances can be very dangerous to the health and can, in time, cause you some serious problems. Green coffee offers a solution to these issue by being an antioxidant in nature.

This means, that the green coffee would be able to rid your body of toxic materials, which is something that the black coffee would find quite hard to do. This could lead to you having better health. Therefore, green tea is really the way forward.


When drinking green coffee, you might notice that it increases metabolism in your body. This is due to a major ingredient inside green coffee, chlorogenic acid. This acid is popularly known for being a sort of, “booster” for metabolism. This would make it great for your liver as it helps to reduce the amount of glucose in your body.


Have you always wanted to get rid of all that excess fat that absolutely infuriates you? You can do so with green coffee. This is due to the fact that the beans, which are used to make the green coffee, are known for their ability to burn the needed calories. Green coffee also comes with a lot of vital minerals and vitamins. This could help you if your quest is to look fitter and more toned.


A high level of cholesterol in the body could be disastrous. This is due to the fact that cholesterol, especially a high dosage, is responsible for a lot of things that go wrong in the body. One of the more serious parts of the body effected is within the cardiovascular region. When you ingest green coffee instead of black coffee, you would have the chance to keep your cholesterol level as low as possible.


In order for us to stay alive, it is important that our blood circulation is working just right. Any disruption in the blood circulation, could lead to a lot of problems in the body. One such problem that could develop is high blood pressure. This could subsequently lead to stroke or even worse, death. Regular intake of green coffee could do wonders for your blood pressure.


We use energy to achieve practically everything we do in life. Black coffee would give you energy for sure but that cannot be compared with the amount of energy that you could expect to get from green coffee. It has the ability to give you boundless energy throughout the day. That is simply remarkable.


However, it is important to note that most of the reasons which have been given above are also the same as black coffee. Therefore, if black coffee is taken, it could also result in weight loss and may even help you reduce your blood pressure as well. Where green coffee really stands out is the level of cholesterol. Therefore, it is important to point things in perspective.

While green coffee offers more things to an individual, it does not in any way condemn or make black coffee a bad choice.

Regardless of the type of coffee you prefer, one thing is for sure, everyone loves his or her coffee to be just right. This is exactly what Coffee Dorks  like to talk about. Coffee dorks are experts in everything that has to do with coffees. Whether you prefer black or green, you can be sure that you can get your choice which would simply leave you delighted.

If you are interested in finding out more on coffee dorks, you would do well to visit coffeedork.com. This could also help you to decide on which one you would prefer.


Black coffee has a lot of fans around the globe due to how familiar it is with people. However, if you are someone which prefers to keep the cholesterol in your body under check, you should consider drinking more green coffee. This would ensure that your body stays healthy and keep a smile on your face as you take a sip  your green coffee.

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