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Why I Will Never Wear Mascara To A Hot Yoga Class Again

There are some things I don’t do in a hot yoga class:


  • I don’t wear heavy clothing like sweatpants or long sleeved shirts.
  • I avoid cotton like the plague.
  • I don’t eat a heavy meal right before class.
  • I don’t come to class thirsty.
  • I don’t chat or text on my cellphone.
  • I try not to pass gas in the especially bendy postures.

I also don’t wear mascara during class. Why anyone would intentionally wear mascara to a hot yoga class is beyond me. Every now and then I’ll see a fellow yogini in class rocking a full face of makeup. Whenever I see this, I scratch my head and wonder, “Why?” Having makeup on my face while sweating out of every pore in my body doesn’t seem like it would be comfortable. So why would someone do it on purpose?

Ok– I admit it. I’ve showed up for a few hot yoga classes with mascara on. There’s been a couple of times when I’ve come to the studio straight from work and didn’t have time to wash my face or forgot my facial cleanser at home. There was one time when I had dinner plans right after class and thought I could preserve my mascara without needing to reapply it after class. Wrong! A few postures into class, I looked like a sweaty, sad clown. Not exactly the look I was going for with dinner.

After having to endure a few hot yoga classes wearing mascara, I vowed to never do it again. Here’s why: First of all, wearing mascara in a hot yoga class means I have to pay close attention whenever I wipe the sweat from my face with a towel. If I rub my face all over with a towel like I usually do, I’ll rub mascara all over my face. Secondly, the feeling of having mascara run down my face is incredibly uncomfortable. Not only does it feel yucky, it also burns like a mother when it runs into the eyes. The discomfort level gets to an all-time high in postures requiring me to bend over and tuck my forehead to my knee. When I workout, I don’t mind feeling the burn, but I don’t want to feel it in my eyes.

Not only is dealing with mascara run-off during a hot yoga class a pain, so is the clean up afterwards. My white hand towel turns black and by the time I’m ready to wash my face, I have to scrub my face just to get the stuff off. What is it about sweat that makes mascara extra difficult to remove? And if that all wasn’t annoying enough, wearing mascara while sweating (especially with the crazy amount I sweat out during a hot yoga class) has caused me some serious breakouts. Breakouts serve as reminder for me on why wearing mascara to a hot yoga class is never a good idea.

Sure, if you’re really hell bent on wearing mascara to class, I suppose you can opt for the waterproof kind. But honestly, that just seems like too much work. Besides, my intention for going to hot yoga class isn’t about how cute I look. No one ever looks their best in a hot yoga class, trust me. Instead, I’d much rather focus on the actual yoga while getting hot and sweaty with my hair pulled back from my face and be completely mascara-free.

I know I’m not the only one out there with a yoga + makeup blunder… share yours with me in the comments below!

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    […] Disclaimer: It’s not easy practicing hot yoga when it’s warm and sunny outside, especially after living through Seattle’s wettest winter in recorded history. Nice weather aside, I know once I get into the studio and set up for class, I’m always glad I came. I swear getting into studio is the hardest part of taking class. With the combination of the heat outside along with the heat and humidity inside the studio, it didn’t take long for me to start sweating. By the second Sun Salutation, my face was dripping with sweat. Pretty, right? Good thing I don’t wear mascara in a hot yoga class. […]

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