A great yoga teacher ones asked me: “If you were a yoga pose, what yoga pose would you be?”

At first it seemed like a simple question. Then it felt like an extremely difficult one.

And months later this question is still stuck with me.

I believe that the pose you choose is a sign of your character. It shows much more than you think it does. Your yoga pose is you – it mirrors who you are.

My Safe Haven Pose

Which yoga pose are you? My answer – at the time – was a wide-legged seated forward fold.

It makes me feel safe. I can close myself completely, being alone, away from the rest of the world.

This pose is my safe haven. I can go deep into it, putting my chest on the floor in front of me. It is just me and my yoga mat.

That is what I am good at. I’m good at being alone. I’m good at making sure I’m safe. I’m good at closing myself off to the rest of the world.

Which yoga pose you choose will show your personality. Are you opening up? Are you bending forward? Are you standing on your hands? Are you doing the splits?

Whatever you choose – that is you!

Becoming a New Pose

That is, at that particular time. Because, like I think most of you know, we are always changing in our yoga practice.

I do not see myself in a wide-legged seated forward fold forever.

No, I have a dream. In my vision my pose is the bird of paradise. It is open; it is powerful; and it is not afraid of getting hurt. It is ready to take on challenges; it is conquering the world!

And slowly I am moving closer. I am practicing, both in mind and body. I know where I want to go.

Where do you want to go?


My bird just hasn´t learned how to fly just yet...

My bird just hasn’t learned how to fly just yet…

Which yoga pose are you? Which yoga pose do you want to be?