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What’s The Deal With “Morning Routine” Videos?

It all started with that default Iphone alarm sound, a girl with perfect hair waking up first thing in the morning, and the notorious (B.I.G. anyone?) “hey guys!” that starts many Youtube videos of this genre.

That’s right, this week I fell down another Youtube rabbit hole (Alice clearly didn’t teach me her lessons.) I’ve recently felt the tingles of ASMR videos, eaten too much while watching a “Mukbang” and seen far too many clips of The Bachelor from 5 years ago.

However, nothing has shocked me as much as “morning routine” videos. They’ve been around for many years, yet they are still as mind boggling now as when they first became popular. So, what is so interesting about watching someone wake up, brush their teeth, make coffee, perhaps exercise, get ready, and most likely light a festive candle in between? This is all while name dropping various products of course.

According to, the watch time for “morning routine” videos more than tripled from July 2016 to June 2018. While I’m all for curating a healthy routine to start your day, I do have one problem with these types of videos, besides the somewhat voyeuristic quality, and that is their goal.

These videos don’t appear to be made to help others live a healthier lifestyle mentally or physically. Quite honestly, it feels as if they promote the opposite for their viewers. These “morning routine” videos (at least the majority) seem to have a “look at me, look how great my life (house, diet, body, clothes, makeup, car, etc.) is” approach.

This can be quite damaging to viewers (especially the younger demographic), who idolize these Youtubers and feel they can never measure up. As with social media like Facebook and Instagram, “morning routine” videos on Youtube seem to invite an aspect of unrealistic comparison.

What is your opinion on “morning routine” videos? Sound off in the comments below!

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