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What I Learned from A Year of Bullet Journaling

In January 2017, I started using a bullet journal. I had been slowly leaning towards trying this new habit out, and the new year felt like a perfect time to start.

Like expected, I went all in. Went deep into Pinterest and YouTube. There is so much info available on bullet journals and you can spend hours looking at all the different ways you can use your bullet journal.

I also bought a book for my sisters, so Christmas vacation was spent doodling, trying out different things and having fun.

I soon saw that my bullet journal would not be perfect (like the ones shown on Pinterest). Instead of trying to make it perfect, I decided to make it mine.

I decided that my bullet journal would be a great tool to let go of my perfectionism. To create a mess and be okay with it.

Obviously, that is not how the first weeks started.

But soon enough, after making all kinds of mistakes, I knew it would be the only way. My imperfect bullet journal would always be that, imperfect and messy.

I went through many different phases with it and learned a lot. It was a place for my schedule, my hopes and dreams, my goals, my journaling, tracking my habits, and so much more.

First, with all the time I had on vacation, it was all cute and colourful. With doodles and all the things that I didn’t really need.

As my daily life became busier, my bullet journal became a useful tool. Moving my weekly overview from cute doodles to a few clear lines that took my a few minutes to craft.

The beauty of a bullet journal is that you can adjust it to your needs, always.

This year has been the first that I’ve kept to a journal/calendar book all year round. I would always give up, moving between my phone and a physical schedule, as well as having a notebook for things that didn’t fit into a schedule.

Now, my bullet journal is almost finished. A book full of ideas, of goals, of important things, and unimportant things. It is filled with quotes, with notes, with my schedule and my habits. It is my year in review, and I’ll can look through it whenever I feel like.

The most powerful part, besides your power to adjust the journal to your needs, for me, is the goal setting.

In my journal, I set goals both small and large goals, short and long-term.

I felt that the journal gave me super powers, as writing things down gave me the motivation to pursue them.

It made everything so much clearer.

It gave me a certain space for everything I wanted to write down.

It was my accountability partner, helping me track my habits, and reach my goals.

And in hindsight, it is an enormous amount of data I can analyze.

In May, I was feeling horrible about falling of the meditation wagon.

And then when reviewing my habit tracker, I could see that I had meditated for 81 days straight! That was a victory.

I can flip through the pages and feel the changes I made during that year. What structure suited me at different times. What quotes I identified with during a certain moment.

It is my tracker of how 2017 felt. Of what I did, of what I discovered, of how I grew.

And now, I’ve gotten my next journal. Ready to do it all over again, and learn even more about myself and my capabilities.

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