You’re My Version of Perfect: A Meditation on LGBTQ Self-Love

You deserve to be happy.

No one has the right to make you or others think that you are not entitled to be happy and to give as well as accept love just like everyone else is. Being the form of different that we are, is not always the easiest life to live, friends come and go naturally but those that are true will never leave because you are “choosing” to be different; this is not a choice, it is what it is. I am sure that every parent has the ideal hope that their children will grow up to be a miniature version of them or even a “better” version of themselves. But sometimes that is not the case, we are individuals with our own fingerprints, eye color, and dreams.

The “traditional” family consists of a man, woman, and a child. Not that this is bad by any means but we do not have to be traditional even though this notion is almost forced on us from birth. Some of us will stay alone, while others find the love of their life. Some may have children, and for those of us that are really lucky, we’ll end up with fur-babies. You were created to be exactly the way that you are and that is why you are my version of perfect. Everyone may go through trials and tribulations, but no one should put you through more of them for being your version of who you are meant to be whether you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning person.

There is nothing wrong with you for loving another human differently than most people do, you are not less than anyone else, you are a beautiful being who deserves happiness; just as much as the homeless person you walked past without acknowledging, the Syrian child who is now orphaned, the patient that sits before a doctor who just told them they have a terminal condition. We are all people waiting for tomorrow, hoping that it might be a better day. Today needs to be your “better day”; do not dwell on a unsettling thought from yesterday or the day before, and do not await a problem that may or may not come tomorrow or in the coming days. By dwelling in the present you allow yourself the opportunity to truly live.

Be present and open to the positive things that will come your way, we as human beings were not created to be unhappy. We are here to love, make memories, and take our own adventure.

If you are reading this and have ever felt alone, please stop. As hard as it may be sometimes, I ask you not only as the author, but as someone who has fit into similar shoes, please reach out to someone. Your happiness and life is so important to me and I say that without even knowing you. It is my hope that you will understand your worth and never give into despair no matter how much you might be hurting.

The light in me sees, honors, and adores the light in you.

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