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Update: ‘Pay It Forward’ Scholarship Program

In November, we announced the Bad Yogi Pay It Forward Scholarship Program, a community-driven scholarship program geared towards offering aspiring yogis the chance to practice when they otherwise may not be able. The program was created after a member of the community expressed the desire to ‘pay it forward’.


We have officially closed our application submissions and donation page, and are thrilled to be able to have offered 25 scholarships with $1205 raised by the community. Scholarship winners have the choice of either PB Resolution โ€“ a 12-week yoga and strength training program โ€“ or a one year subscription to Bad Yogi Studio โ€“ our online studio with more than 60 hours of yoga classes and content.

A sincere thanks to each and every single donor who helped to make this possible! Time and time again we find ourselves being in awe of how inspiring this community is.

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