I Tried It

I Tried It: Being a Morning Person

Usually, during the holidays, I will turn my sleep schedule completely around, stay awake way past midnight and sleep until noon.

Not this time though. This time, I was staying in another country for the holidays. The time difference between there and home was five hours, meaning that when it was noon at home, it was 7 am where I was staying.

The first night there was difficult, trying to keep myself awake to get used to the time difference. On the second day, I went to sleep at 8 pm, to regain some lost sleep.

And I was awake by 6 am.

From there, 10 pm was my latest bed time. And every time, I would wake up early, without an alarm.

The sun would help, of course. Rising at 6 am, instead of 11 am like in my home country.


This is something I’ve always dreamt of. Being an early bird. Waking up early, well rested, and without an alarm.

And during the holidays, I got the chance to try it.

And it was just as magical as I thought it would be. Waking up this early meant that I enjoyed the daylight from sunrise to sunset.

It felt like I always had plenty of time in the morning, to do yoga and meditation. To start my day slowly. To have breakfast.

All things that I tend to skip, when I go to sleep too late, and drag myself out of bed way too late.


Obviously, going to sleep at 10 pm, could have removed some of the evening fun. However, as everybody else was going to sleep at the same time, I was never missing out on anything.

Waking up this early made me feel energetic. It made me feel proud, like this was actually something I was able to do.

And waking up this early also meant that everybody was waking up at a similar time, old and young alike, making the most of this family vacation.

It felt like I was enjoying my days to the fullest.


Being back home, the morning darkness is making this a much bigger challenge. I will sleep for way to long if I do not set an alarm. And then, I will be angry at my alarm when it rings.

I miss my days being an early bird, with the sun rising early. 

Thinking about it though, I remember that it was often still dark in my room when I woke up, with the drapes shut.

It wasn’t just the sun waking me up. It was my body having slept enough.

Going to sleep early, is what made the greatest difference.


So, now it is time for some experimenting. What happens when I go to sleep earlier than I ever do? Will the darkness still take control, making me sleep for 12 hours?

Or will my body slowly get used to the extra sleep, waking me up in the early morning, after enough sleep?

I have yet to find out.


All I know is, that waking up early made me feel good. So good.

It made me feel productive, from the start.

It made me feel in control, instead of being the victim to my own sleep.

It made a great start for a wonderful day.

And I want to get there again. To the early start of the morning.

To the yoga, the meditation, the breakfast.

To showing up to school or work, already having had a couple of hours to myself.


So now, it’s time for a change. To get back to where I once where.

In hope, that I will be able to recreate what I once had.

In a country, far, far away.


Are you a morning person (or a wannabe morning person)? How have you made it work for you? Tell me in the comments!

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