It’s that time again! Are you ready for this week’s mini challenge? Today, we have more lower body focus with the Goddess Squat. The alternate name for Step 1 of this squat is Horse Stance and that just doesn’t sound cute at all, haha! So I went back and forth on naming this because I didn’t want to exclude the guys in the Bad Yogi Community, but then I thought: the guys around here won’t be offended anyway, so I rolled with Goddess 😉

It’s super straight forward and I challenge YOU to do 25 TOTAL!!

You got this!

Step 1: On an inhale, stand up straight!

Step 2: With your exhale, come to regular Horse Stance. The feet are wide apart and the toes face out to the diagonal, so when you bend your knees, the knees track over the toes. Keep your chest lifted and the shoulders relaxed. Your weight should be sitting back towards the heels, so the “work” of this is mostly in the glutes. Hold here for a FULL breath out, and as you inhale come back up to standing as in Step 1.

Over to you! How’d it go? Did 25 feel like a walk in the park or like a crawl through the mud? If you ask me, it depends on the day, haha 😉