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Three Ways Yoga Improved My Sex Life

Maybe it’s not entirely obvious (or perhaps it is?), but if you’re looking to spice up your sex life, then you should look no farther than yoga. No joke — the more time I spent in downward dog, the more time I spent in downward dog. After I started practicing yoga, suddenly, my sex drive felt like it was jacked up several notches. I was much more motivated to try different positions, and be more open to trying new things. Not that there’s anything wrong with your average cut-and-dry sex, but what’s life without some healthy experimentation? Here’s how yoga took my sex life to 11:

I became much more flexible.

I’m going to be absurdly obnoxious and start with a cliché. The more yoga you do, the more flexible you become. With practice (especially vinyasa), bending yourself in half becomes fun and practical if you need to get it on in a compressed space. And if I’m being honest, I am a huge advocate for that particular position. But even beyond that, just think of all the yoga poses that double as potential ways to spice it up in the bedroom! Not that I’ve googled this… but even at its most basic, Cat or Puppy pose offer some new ideas you might not have considered.

My sex drive practically tripled.

In all honesty, one thing I’ve found that has made a huge difference in my sex life is how much I want it. When I started practicing my yoga on a more consistent basis, my sex drive dropped at first. Not that I panicked, but I definitelywasn’t happy about this. But the more mindful I became about what my mind and body wanted, I suddenly realized that I not only somewhat felt like having more sex – I REALLY wanted to ramp up my sex life. So, I did – and I couldn’t be happier.

I knew what I wanted and I wasn’t afraid to ask for it.

Perhaps it was a side effect of doing more yoga, but one thing I noticed after solidifying my yoga routine was my openness. I happen to love kinky sex, and that can be a bit intimidating to ask for as a woman – especially if you’re in a new relationship. With more yoga, however, came this confidence that if I knew what I wanted, why on earth wasn’t I asking for it? If I want someone to spank me or tie me up to spice things up in the bedroom, then I should say so.

So what can I say about yoga and sex? My answer is nothing but good things. You’re talking to one very satisfied woman who has fun in the bedroom and is more than willing to ask for more of it.

What do you think? Is yoga the cure-all for improving your sex life? What poses would you recommend an experimental bad yogi try?   

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