Three Ways To Manage Your Stress

Spring/summer is that time of year when things begin to pile up. Whether it means that finals are happening, or that it’s almost the end of a school term and your financials need to stack up – the stress starts up add up. For me, I can already see a little version of the future. Stress, too many cups of coffee, and some small bouts of crying all sound like horrid things that I do not want to face. If we’re being honest, I’m already starting to panic about getting everything done with time to spare. When you begin to stress about spending time with friends and page-long to-do lists – a line has been crossed.

Do you really need that?

Thankfully, there are a couple ways you can manage your stress and yourself. May doesn’t have to be a time of obnoxious stress. There’s no need to freak out. This might sound obvious. In fact, it might even sound a bit silly. The first key to managing yourself, however, is asking yourself if everything “you need” is necessary. Do you need to be wasting time working on an additional hobby that brings you nothing but stress? The answer is no. Much as I love coding and learning new languages, if I need to take time for myself – the first thing I do is thin out my list of responsibilities. While we’d all love to do everything and more, the most important thing is to take care of yourself.

Do it piecemeal.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – a good plan is everything. If you can break down everything you need to do into bite-sized pieces, then it won’t see some daunting. Sure, they’ll be more – but it will be less stressful. I’ll give you an example. I’m currently working on a business plan for a new podcast of mine. Instead of “create financial projections,” I’ve broken down that one item into seven. At the beginning, that is a lot “more” to do. But it’s actually made the whole concept easier to navigate. Considering I don’t even know how to make a financial projection, “calculate revenues” is much less threatening an item. Whew.

Don’t forget to breathe.

One last thing: take a breath. [tweet_box]You might think you need to work nonstop to finish everything, and the fact of the matter is – you don’t.[/tweet_box] Working nonstop will bring you nothing but more stress and less time to breathe. I find that working in three hour increments, broken down with yoga practice, meditation and cake breaks with friends makes everything eons better. When you can reward yourself short term with something healthy (even better physically and mentally stimulating), you are more likely to work more efficiently.

This month has been an especially stressful one for me. If I’m being perfectly honest, I’m writing this article for myself as much as I am for everyone else. A glance at my schedule is daunting, but writing this article as my “break,” is already bringing me enough motivation to finish up outlining a market analysis of podcasting. Thank goodness for that.

What do you think yogis? Does any of thing ring true for you? Do you have any back-breaking stress management tips you want to share? 

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