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Three Ways to Get the Best Vibes

Everything within us, around us, and the entire Universe is energy vibration. We are vibrational beings. Then electrical beings and finally chemical beings. Our vibration determines our electrical conductivity and dictates our biochemistry. You can’t fix a voltage problem with chemistry (meaning medication).  You must correct the voltage or vibrational quality of your being first and when you do, that will correct your body chemistry.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying there is never a time for Western Medicine or pharmaceuticals.  What I am saying is that we can first look at the quality of our thoughts and emotions, as well as habits, to help raise our vibration and voltage. That will create a cascading flood of anti-inflammatory healing hormones and neurotransmitters that will change the chemistry in our body. If we simply treat the physical (the chemical part of the equation) but continue to live a toxic life or hold negative behavior and thought patterns, nothing will change. We may be tweaking the chemical for the meantime but we’re not fixing the root cause of the chemical imbalance.

So, what does all this mean?  Well a lot! It means that we are in control of our health and well-being. That, with dedication and determination, there is no reason we can’t live not only long lives but active healthy long lives!  For years I’ve worked with clients teaching them about what I call the ‘Sacred Trifecta’ of high vibe living — Movement, Mindfulness, and Nutrition.  When you practice these three together and consistently, the peace and healing you manifest is beyond what you can imagine. Still a little confused?  Don’t be!  Here’s a quick breakdown on how to incorporate the  Sacred Trifecta into your life and begin your journey to high vibe living!


MOVE, MOVE, MOVE! Of course, as a yoga instructor, I will say yoga is ideal 😉 but it doesn’t matter what you do just move!  Whether it’s yoga, Pilates, running, walking, movement raises our vibration and shifts our chemical body into one of youth, happiness, and health.  Even getting massages, foam rolling, stretching, these help to move the body, break up stagnant energy and raise your vibe!  Just be sure you’re moving mindfully not mindlessly.  There IS difference.


Meditation and contemplation.  I get that meditation is difficult for some but here’s what I’ve learned in the years I’ve worked with clients…those that say they don’t have the time for it or can’t stop thinking to meditate are the ones that need it the most!  Even if it’s 5 minutes a day.  There are so many resources to help guide you through a meditation practice whether free online or through an instructor so take advantage of this if you’re just beginning a meditation practice.

For me, although different, contemplation is just as important as meditation.  I find such solace in giving myself time to simply sit outside and just BE.  Allowing my thoughts and ideas to arise.  This is the space in which I get my inspiration.  As Dr. Wayne Dyer once said many years ago, inspiration means ‘in spirit’.  So profound and powerful!

So, get outside, sit quietly in your room, wherever resonates with you but give yourself time to just chill and BE in spirit.


At this point, we all believe just how true that old saying is “you are what you eat” but science is finding it goes even deeper than that. What you eat or drink affects your vibration.  Think about, if everything is vibration then every food has a vibration.  And that vibrational quality is determined by the quality of the food.  So, a whole food like, an apple say, has a higher vibration than a graham cracker.  Why?  Because the apple is natural whole and unaltered and the graham cracker is processed and contains ingredients (usually fake food stuffs) that are have a low vibration.  With a formal education in nutrition and dietetics, I could go on and on about nutrition here but I will keep it short and sweet.  Eat as much live food as you can (nuts, seeds, plants, legumes, etc) and avoid processed fake foods. Every time you put food or drink in your body, you are either raising your vibration or lowering it.  Choose high voltage foods and your vibration and health will be high vibin’!

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