My very first blog post here on Bad Yogi is “Thoughts of a Yoga Student During Class.” I was hoping to continue to share these types of entries more often, but then I got caught up in many things. Or maybe I wasn’t thinking too much during recent classes. 😉 Anyhow, during this class, about 5 days have passed since the Orlando shooting. While I didn’t know anyone who was at Pulse Nightclub, my heart was still very heavy. My head was also in a thousand different directions, as I’m moving to another town soon. Without further ado, here’s a look inside my head during a restorative yoga class (times are approximate):

6:00 pm: Teacher goes around the room as usual, asking if we wanted to work on anything in particular today…

Oh gosh. Would it be too cheesy if I say that I have no physical issues, but more heavy heart issues?

Students 1 & 2: “Back”; “shoulders.”

Student 3: “Um, just intentions towards loved ones.”

Yes!!! I’m not the only one!

6:05-6:10 pm: (In a seated pose) Straighten your back…straighten your back…okay I’ll bow my head then circle my head – oh that feels good!

Teacher: “The head can weigh up to 14 pounds…be thankful for a neck that supports it…”

14 pounds?! So I’m not really heavy. I should subtract 14 pounds from current weight and make myself feel better about this bulging stomach.

6:15 pm: (Bolster in front of me, in forward fold with my head on top of a block) I’m not sure how this feels. Let me remove the block…oh no this is just weird. Hmm the back of my knees seems to be okay with me holding this position for while. I wonder if it’ll help with splits?

6:20 pm: (Because it’s been a while since I attended a restorative class) Lay down on a rolled blanket? Okay. Wait, how do I balance on this. When are we doing asanas?! I wanna do cat-cow pose.

6:25 pm: Teacher said “bumblebee breaths are encouraged…”

Mmmmm….I don’t know how to do this very long.

6:30 pm: While in reclined twist, teacher said something along the lines of “you can straighten your left leg, bend the right knee so that your thigh is resting against the bolster.”

…What?! *Straightens leg.* I’m pretty sure this is wrong. I don’t know why but I look and feel ridiculous.

Teacher adjusted me. OH. Why couldn’t I picture it right?

6:31 pmI’m hungry.

6:33 pmI need to go to Jo-Ann’s (to buy my teacher a parting gift)

6:35 pmDon’t forget the stackable trays for sand therapy. Crap, I need a trip to the dollar store for the toys.

6:35 and a half pmDid I bring my Jo-Ann’s coupon??

6:40 pm: (Rolling over to a fetal position) What savasana already?!

(Rolls over to the other side) Teacher said “Who are you thinking of, sending intentions to?”

My family and friends.

Teacher said: “Invite them to your practice.” I get internally aggravated about a certain person. I WOULD, BUT I CAN’T EVEN GET A TEXT BACK. #Neglected.

The class went overtime so sometime between 6:45 and whenever class ended…

Legs up against the wall, yes!!

Why am I struggling to put this block under my hips…

Teacher came over to put bolster under my hips. Oh, this feels better. Wait…I’m sliding, sliding…what if my leggings come off… Oh gosh…

Teacher said that legs up the wall and inversions, which helps lower blood cholesterol, which affects diabetes… I have diabetes. Maybe I should do this everyday. Hmm…that’s funny though, my only problem is diabetes, the rest of my blood work and my heart health is good.

Teacher said something along the lines of: “If you want, you can put a bolster on top of your feet. And if it falls off, it’s okay.”

What is she saying?? That doesn’t make sense so I’m going to ignore it. Closing my eyes now.

Opened and closed my eyes a few times. Teacher eventually comes over to me and asked if I wanted a bolster on my feet. I looked over to the rest of the class and see the giant things on their feet. I nodded yes. IT’S WOBBLING, I fail already. Curl my toes? Point them? Wait, no what? Oh, oh okay, I got this.

…this is a workout. I feel my legs. I’ve been kinda running though.

I hope I don’t accidentally get on the interstate after class because I need to go to Jo-Ann’s.

Um, are we done yet because I REALLY feel my legs.

Teacher calls on us to make movements… Finally! Oh now I gotta squirm up away from the wall. Why am I struggling??

Oh no, why is there a sad face on my mat..? (I have a new mat that has the texture of soft suede.)

(Back on seated pose) Too much in my head today. Still a good practice, my body feels quiet.


What’s your experience with restorative yoga class? Any weird thoughts that come to your head? Share below!