One of the things that comes up for me when I’m deep into a new routine like a new yoga habit or starting school again is that progress kind of sneaks up on you. It can feel like you’re going nowhere, but then bam! You’re suddenly in crow pose and you didn’t even realize it! Strange, right? You’d think that wanting progress so badly would make it come faster…

But the weird thing about progress is that it sneaks up on you.

And because I hereby dub myself *self-love guru* – I think it’s so important to reward yourself for your little steps. Otherwise, it can be easy to let the small steps pass you by, and the actual journey part of your new routine slip away. And you don’t want that – not when there are rewards to be had.

Rewarding yourself can happen in lots of different ways.

In my own experience, I find I often forget to reward myself. So I take the super quantitative approach of making a spreadsheet with a set of goals with corresponding rewards. Let me give you an example. One of the things I really want to get done is renewing my passport and the reward I set for it is allowing myself to buy a Cast Iron Skillet (because Dutch Babys and cooking and all of the cooking Pinteret aethestic). Another example is rewarding myself with a new pair of yogi leggings once I get my research paper published. Granted we’re not all this obessive – but you get the gist.

Try to set a habit of thanking yourself.

We all have challenges in our life and progress comes with lots of hard work and dedication on your own part. It would be like not congratulating your friend on achieving something amazing if you didn’t also do it for yourself. I know it seems weird, but trust me – thanking yourself for your hard work can be really liberating. At least for me, I’m reminded each time I do it that my hard work does matter.

What do you think yogis? Do you have the same experience with not noticing progress like I do?