The ‘Free Time’ Struggle

Maybe it’s just me… but does anyone else struggle with free time? I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. I love the weekdays, the constant hum of activity, always something to do and see and never a dull moment.

Cue the weekend. I wake up and unless I have something exciting to do with my day or a nice list of errands, I’m at a loss. I want to be productive and sitting around doing nothing can seem like a drag.


What are some of the symptoms of the free time struggle? Probably the first and most obvious one is that the moment you have a second of free time, your mind races to fill it with something. Have you called the landlord to get that one small thing fixed? Maybe you promised a friend you would look over their resume? It’ll be something, anything – but focusing on it and getting into the groove of things again is an immediate first sign.


I can even give you a good example: me, right now. I woke up this Saturday morning not knowing what to do, I had one or two things to do – and once I finished, there was just nothing. Twiddling my thumbs only worked for so long, though, and soon I had to find something to do. Writing for Bad Yogi is a small thing, but it’s still a task and something I can use to occupy my day.


If I’m thinking honestly, this is sort of what yoga was made for. Meditation and yoga help teach us to be more present and to not always think a million miles ahead. And sometimes, taking time to relax can be challenging. How do you know self-care is working if you don’t immediately see the results?

Then again, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to do something productive. Being a “Weekend Warrior” is all about being proactive and making the most of your weekends. And I have to admit, this whole idea is something I can get behind because it means doing something rather than doing nothing at all.

Maybe I’m being dramatic, but there’s something nice about having a small doable list of things that help make your life better. And if a part of that list of going to a yoga class and letting yourself relax with a cup of tea or more likely a glass (or three) of wine, then that’s just as important. So, Weekend Warriors fighting the battle against free time – I’m all for it with some small yoga and wine caveats.


What do you yogis think? Do you struggle with the notion of free time or am I being completely opaque? 


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    July 31, 2018 at 11:00 am

    I feel the same way!! Unless I have plans (with or without someone) I become apathic and waste the whole weekend doing nothing joyful… It helps doing something unexpected that day, like uhh going for a run or walking the dog in a different area….But there are so many hours to fill🤔

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