Welcome to the Bad Yogi Digital Baby Blessing!

We’re so grateful you’re here  ☺️ Stick around because we have two requests for you at the end…

If we were getting together in person, you better believe the first thing you’d see is a mimosa bar. Or a Mom-osa bar if we’re being super cheesy (which we are lol)

Don’t mind me, I’ll just follow you around asking how it is & pretending mine isn’t just juice and sparkling water, haha

And how could I forget the food? There’d be an overly fancy cake that my mom insisted on getting (but my husband secretly loves)…

Is it over the top? Sure. But is it actually pretty cute? Oh yeah.

PLUS cupcakes *I* insisted on making because I wanted there to be chocolate in close proximity.

chocolate cupcakes martha stewart

I would have made these myself though the words would have ended up comically bad & we’d all take turns posing next to the Pinterest fail… but they’d still taste delicious 😉

And because we’re not that fancy, we would have gotten a pizza food truck to come instead of a caterer. The night before our wedding, we did this (in France, and not the same truck, of course) and it was perfect!

Who could be disappointed to see this?!

At this Baby Blessing, my sister would be close behind me making sure I wasn’t too stressed or overwhelmed. She’d also be making sure my hair was on point and that I always had food in my hand 😉My mother-in-law would be refilling your mimosas and making friends with everyone that walked through the door. My mom would probably be wearing a lanyard with a whistle attached & a clipboard in hand, ready to wrangle people where they needed to be & make notes of anyone who brought gifts (even though we would have insisted that you not).

All our friends (yep, that includes you!) would get along great. Most of you would have a few drinks and make lots of new friends because despite the fact that we’d have some games & things to do, you’d end up in lost in conversation with each other.

But with everyone we know & love spread across the world (literally!), I decided to do this as an alternative to a traditional baby shower for a few reasons:

1) I live far from my home country & everyone I’d want to invite is spread all over the US & Europe, so it’s just impractical!
2) We do NOT want or need to get a bunch of stuff (we’re SO grateful when people gift us baby items, but it gets overwhelming quickly).
3) We genuinely love this community and feel so connected, it felt natural to do something to include those who cared about this sort of thing 😉

So, what the heck is a Baby Blessing?!
I’m borrowing from a few different sources, but basically… the intention of a baby blessing is to simply bless the pregnancy & new baby on the way and to empower the woman for that transition to motherhood (and the man for fatherhood) rather than just focusing on material gifts for the baby. It’s also to cultivate positive energy for the upcoming birth. Just like a baby shower is to literally shower the couple with gifts, the Baby Blessing is to shower the family with ALLLLL the good vibes instead of gifts 😉

This is where those 2 requests come in! What do the guests “bring” you? 
To be extremely cheesy, we’d love to hear straight from your heart. Like, right now!

(1) Share a favorite prayer or poem, a quote or scripture that’s meaningful to you, an intention, words of wisdom, advice from your own experience or best advice YOU received about parenthood/birth, or special wishes.

***Drop these blessings in the comments below. We’ll read through every single one and plan to save them so we can refer back to them anytime we need a good laugh or just to remember that we’re never on this journey alone.***

If we were together in person, we’d all gather in one big group and Adrien & I would open each one just as you usually do with gifts. We’d love every single one!

(2) And because we’re making our own rules here, you can include the answers to our guessing game in your comment too!  ☺️ These are always super fun to see! PS: to help you guess the birthday, my due date range is between Aug 15-20 (they do this in France rather than say one specific day).

Thank you so much for joining us here! I know it's cheesy, but we are SO truly grateful for your support during this special time in our lives. We're blessed enough to have family and friends who love us, but a huge extended family & friend group in all of you too! This community is so special to us, and we're honored that you're here.

Love you!
Erin & Adrien