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Teach YOUR yoga

I´m here to tell you one simple truth.

There is no one in this world that will teach yoga the way you do. No one.

Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you find your voice.

That you find your intuition.

That you find your truth.


If you have been called to teach yoga, do it your way. Always.

Always keep learning. Always keep experimenting.

Be brave and bring something new and interesting to your yoga.

Be brave and ask your students to be brave with you.

Be brave.


For way too long, I was stuck in the way I believed others wanted me to teach.

The way I believed my students to expect me to teach.

And in a way, I was right. They expected me to teach in a certain way.

When I finally started teaching my yoga, I went beyond their expectations.

I brought my teachings to a whole other level.


Only when you dare.

Only when you strive forward, will you be teaching your yoga.

The completely unique yoga, that only you can teach.

And I can only think of that reason for you to teach yoga in the first place.

The world simply does not need duplicates of other yoga teachers.

It needs you.


So teach with your voice, with your heart, with your soul.

Teach with intuition, with kindness, with courage.

Teach, teach and teach.

And you will start learning from your students.

On your own unique journey.


Love what you do.

Do it well.

Do it with love.

And you can only go right.

You can only be you.

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