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Eat, Pray, Yoga

As a yogi, one of my favorite books is Eat, Pray, Love. Call me cliché, but I get chills every time I read about Elizabeth Gilbert’s restorative experience in India (and a craving for pasta in Italy). Of course, I watched the movie when it came out. Although it didn’t have as much  ...

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Teachers' Corner

Life as a “Young” Yoga Teacher

This year marks my second year as a yoga teacher, my fifth year as a yogi and only my twentieth year on this planet. I am so grateful that I was fortunate enough to “discover” yoga at the ripe age of 15, because like so many others yoga has changed my life dramatically and undoubtedly for the  ...

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Off the Mat Yoga

I Am Both: Christian and Yogi

I hear it all the time; “You have to choose.” Making choices is important, but it would be awesome if someone else would just make some decisions for me. I have too many things I enjoy and too many things I want to try. Can’t I just hire someone to say, “Tonight you will try Thai sriracha  ...

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