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Yoga Practice

How to Celebrate a “Yoga-versary”

People love to celebrate anniversaries … not just of their weddings, but of other significant events in their lives. I’m no different; this past April 21st marked the anniversary date of the first time I did yoga. So I’m writing this post to commemorate my first – wait for it – yoga-versary.  ...

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Yoga Practice

How Yoga Helped Me Adjust

I first started doing yoga regularly while working in Mexico. I came across some article somewhere when I googled “ways to help you fall asleep.” This article suggested inversions. What? Going upside down helps you sleep? I was having difficulty winding down after work and would lie awake for  ...

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How to Ditch the Dogma

I have a question. Why is there so much noise out there that says, yoga is that and it has to be this way? Everyday, it seems I’m exposed to a cacophony of strongly formed opinion and remarkable claims that burn my brain. It makes it hard to remember yoga is something beyond all of that which  ...

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Why I Don’t Have a “Yoga Space”

I remember a time when I was crippled by shyness. I was so paranoid about where I could set down my mat and just flow freely. I felt like I had to hide and go somewhere private because I didn’t want to “show off” as other, more righteous yogis put it. “You’re not a true yogi if you don’t have a  ...

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