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The Value of Rest

It is strange, how some days feel so empty. So devoid of all energy.   That is how I´m feeling right now. I´ve reached the point of busy where I don´t even know what to focus on anymore. It´s Sunday, so I should take the day off. I will.   When I stop, I find this emptiness. The void  ...

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Why You Should Take Sundays Off

Last autumn, I was doing way too much. I was both studying and working, filling my schedule completely with all kinds of different tasks. Those tasks all had some external expectations. I was either showing up to work when needed or studying to hand in assignments. With my schedule already  ...

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Yoga Practice

4 Ways to Take a Break from Yoga

Sometimes fitting yoga into my daily routine is just too much. I know we’ve all read the articles that talk about always making time for yoga and finding the brief minutes in each day to try out chair yoga or whatever. I’m all for this. Honestly, I am! The only issue I have is when yoga becomes  ...

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